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Headed to NY

Discussion in 'Cold Water Species Fishing' started by RRmike, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. ...Next month with a buddy to fish the Oak Orchard River for salmon and trout. Never been there but am really excited to go. Anyone ever fished there?
  2. I've not fished there, but I hear great things. Don't forget the camera!

  3. No, but make sure you fill us in!!!:mischeif:
  4. Ok, so I guess this is uncharted territory around here. :D

    Yes, I'll be sure to take pics.
  5. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Yep, I've not been either. The lake run browns there are on the top of my list of fall fishing trips to do sometime though.
  6. i live in the area i went up yesterday best salmon fishing ive ever seen
  7. Anyone ever been to the 18 Mile Creek? I am heading there on Friday night to fish Saturday. It will be my first time fishing in NY.
  8. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    Good fishing there Mike.....

    So we have any pics yet?:biggrin::biggrin:
  9. disappointing weekend

    No fish to show :(. This being my first trip for salmon I had high hopes, but the salmon were about done. The shores were full of dead fish and those that remained were in pretty sad shape. "Zombie fish" we called them. The water was down quite a bit and most anglers seemed to be targeting browns. I did see a few nice ones landed. One of my buddies landed a 20 lb. 14 oz. king. That was impressive.
    The stretch we fished was was almost literally shoulder to shoulder and the fish were pressured to say the least, esp. with the water being down. To be honest, I don't like that kind of fishing. Still, some guys were landing browns, steelhead, and an occasional king. None for me, though.
  10. Deehntr56

    Deehntr56 Staff Member Mod

    There will be plenty more opportunities-that is a good area overall for Kings. We caught a couple of nice ones this august out in the lake as they were starting to stage.