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Hay mrbluefishohio ...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Erie, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Jimbob ... you know Tag Nobbe at 52-PickUp ??

  2. Brookville info

    I fish this lake very frequently for eyes. Keep in mind that this is a very tough lake to fish...clear, ton of bait fish, and lots of pressure. I probably had one of my best years on Brookville this past season. Majority of my most productive spring areas are north of the Fairfield Causeway and a flat/lake point at the mouth of Garr Hill. Jigs are the norm here. Send me an email...maybe we can hook up next spring. As far as who to talk to, it is definately Tag Nobbe at 52-PickUp. He is a guide for walleye and stripers on Brookville and is very helpful.
  3. Yes Ray

    Tag & I go way back. Why do you think I catch nice fish at Brookville ? Experiance is the best teacher, and he taught me some of his !! Here's my picture at his place he took of me with my camera ! ;)