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Have you seen this reel?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Abu Garica S.I.X ,Have you seen this reel?

    I have got an Abu Garcia S.I.X , thats what it says on the reel. Do you guys think its a 6000 or a 6500...It's the same size as the ones mentioned and has a bait clicker also. What do you think?:confused:
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  2. I have seen them before

    pretty sure i remember they are a 6000 series..they have the same line caps. as the 6500 and also have the clicker..only difference is that reel has bushings instead of bearings...maybe it also doesnt have the anti reverse feature either if its the same one im thinking of?

  3. It does have the anti-reverse. Thanks for the info though Scott.;)
  4. Abu Reel

    If i remember right they used to have a FIVE(same as the 5000) and the SIX(same as the 6000) but its been a long while since i have seen them..heck they have came out with so many reels over the years its hard to keep
  5. I know what you mean. I'm going to put some braided line on it and catfish with it on a Quantum Big cat rod.:D
  6. sounds like a good set-up

    for cats..good luck to ya in 2003..sure hope its not going to be a flood filled spring like last year was?:(
  7. Thats true. Like to get stable and just stay that way. I think I'm wishing outloud. LOL:D