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Hats off!!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by deerhunter, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. I just want to take the oppertunity to say "Hats off" to those of you that let the smaller bucks pass.This takes alot of self dicipline, determination, and dedication. This definately helps the bucks make it to trophy potential.
    I realize evryone has to start somewhere and shoot what they can,in this scenerio any deer is a trophy,and I started the same way,but since have set personal goals on the caliber of buck that I will shoot.I have gradually worked my way up over the years. If I want venison, I will shoot a doe, I won't even think about shooting a small buck, I'll eat my tag first. For all of you seasoned hunters, I hope alot of you feel the same way.
    This post in no way is meant for the new guys, but to the guys that have been hunting several years.Lets help Ohio keep the trophy status it is known for.Again, thank you to those of you that give the smaller buck a chance to shed his rack,and become even wiser the next year.
  2. yes i let the little ones go but trophies are in the eye of the beholder no matter what they choose to shoot.anything for me that is under 150 + walks unless i i say trophies are in the eye of the beholder.

  3. I try to not shoot anything under an 8 point , but has to have some mass to the antlers. But do try to thin out the does though. ;)
  4. I have passed on a lot of smaller deer...I mean I am sure I could have a deer by now, but I want my first deer to be of nice size. I saw the one I wanted this year but it ran away because of someone else. I guess there's always next year for me to try and shoot one of the two big deer.
  5. Nice Philosophy DearHunter...I have lived by it for a few years.

    Lureboy....heheheh your setting some standards, me personally, at your stage I'd take a "smaller one" just to get it under my belt then work up. That's just what I'd do, and what I started out trying to do, but can you believe my first bow kill (buck) was a 130 class 8 pt?...heheheh sets a pretty tough standard right out of the hole..needless to say I have taken a few over the years that hasn't been as big as him. But to me, the first (deer whether buck or doe) is something you'll always remember, and if your first deer isn't a buck, then once you kill your first buck, it will also be remembered just as much as your first. I remember taking my first buck, after the shot, I almost went into convulsions, was shaking like a mad man after the shot, well I sit there with a lot of patience (for 20 minutes) going outta my mind. Got down, got a buddy around the ridge, and we started tracking, lost the blood in about 75 yards and I started getting depressed, walk out in front of me and looked on the "flat " below and there he layed with all those antlers sticking up. I jumped up and down and acted like a kid at toys are us...even this year, and many years later, I went and got a buddy to help me track, well, I knew he wasn't a "booker", but shot him because of his spread (22 inch inside)any way, we got to tracking and my buddy sees him laying out in front of us, he had never seen the deer, so the first thing he says is "there he god what a buck"..and we both take off "trotting" towards him in the excitement of the moment to get that first look at him. I guess if I ever lost that feeling and enoyment of the hunt, I'd probably quit it all together, it's a rush!

    GEORGE....those are some high standards, hell, 150 class is a hell of an animal, how long you been holding out for the next one? How many 150 class animals to you actually see while hunting each year? I typically see 2-3 different 150 class deer/year and maybe 2-3 125class bucks/year (only counting while actually bow hunting). Now, there have been some some years where I haven't even managed to see anything over a 100 class within bow range also.

  6. Well I hope to get to that stage of letting the smaller ones pass. I have only taken 2 deer and am trying to help my wife and 2 other sons get their first ones under their belt. So hopefully we will get to that stage in a year or so.;)

    But I really dont mind it if all I ever take are does. Somebody has to.;)
  7. I don't know what you mean by smaller??? :confused:
    SMaller in body size then yes I'll pass those up they have years ahead of them to grow and fill out.. Smaller in rack size I never judge a buck by his rack size but by his body size.. if he is an older buck 5-6-7 years I'll take him as a cull buck. He's seen better days and will likely not grow a bigger set of antlers anymore. These bucks I know either from years previous or by experience telling me from their body size and face that he is indeed an older buck.
    Does is the real question that needs answered because too many hunters are taking button bucks thinking they are shooting a doe... learn to judge deer by their size and not the baldness of their heads :mad: When harvesting a doe it is far better to take a doe 3 years or older then younger ones for the overall health of the herd ;)
  8. OldHat, I thought I shot at a smaller one but it turned out to be a miss. It was in my first season and it was the biggest deer I saw up until that time. This year I saw the two biggest deer i've seen. One came about 5 yards from me but it was behind my tree and I couldn't get my crossbow around to shoot it. Thats ok though because my dad shot it later in the afternoon from my tree. Then I saw this huge deer that was about to come in my shooting lane and I even had my crossbow up and ready to go when a guy on an ATV scared it away. So, now that I know they are there I will be ready. I set my standards at a nice six or any 8. I also saw a really big doe that I would have shot but it didn't get close enough.
  9. actually old hat I have lowered my standards slightly from the boonie or bust i used to use.I have not got a buck in about 5 yrs. and have probably turned down about 10 p&y in that time.yes i let the little ones grow from p&y to boonie hopefully.
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