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Harrison county/Cadiz

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by predator12, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Hey guys I recently gained access to some private land in Harrison county, outside Cadiz Ohio. Ill be heading down whitetail hunting in the fall was just curious as to what caliber of bucks can be expected in this area or if anyone was familiar with hunting this area in general? I know there is a sizeable deer heard just not familiar with the class of bucks taken out of this area. Thanks in advance
  2. Your in a good area.My buddy has a cabin over that way.Some really nice bucks there and you hear a lot of shooting. I'm sure you will be happy.

  3. Thanks for the response and info! Yea i have done a ton of reading and its varied a ton which is too be expected haha its ranged from " i see a lot of 150s" to "i see a lot of 110s" each year. I know its not a top tier county for big bucks but seems with that many deer there should be some solid bucks in the area
  4. My parents lived off of 250 by Pleasant Valley .
    We always seen 150 class bucks every year during the rut .
    My best bet is to put some trail cameras up and see what's running around .
    We use to check the cameras ,like little kids peaking at Christmas presents .
    I missed that honey hole .
  5. Thanks Anthony. I think the area you're describing is in the NE corner of Harrison right? Yea i plan on getting some trail cameras out in the next couple weeks, just trying to get some advanced intel from guys with knowledge of the area. Appreciate the insight
  6. We have a cabin near Cadiz & there are some nice bucks in the area. The population has definitely dropped as most places in ohio have. We used to see 10+ deer in just about every field in the evening, last couple years you would rarely see 10+ total.
  7. Yea I knew there was supposed to be a healthy heard in general but even if it's decreased and there's some solid bucks i won't be complaining haha
  8. I hunt 350 Acres of private family farm land north of Hopedale in Harrison County. We have good numbers on the property and some really bucks. One 160" 10 point survived a miss from me on Sept. 27, a miss by my uncle the first week of november and a miss by my cousin's husband the second week of november. On the last day of deer gun season I was hunting with my Marlin 1895 .45-70 the buck came out to about 75 yards broadside. i squeezed the trigger and the hammer fell, "click". I had neglected to take off the cross bolt safey so it fell to 1/4 cock. He was going 75mph toward the creek bottom the last time I saw him. Needless to say he's on the hit list this fall. You'll enjoy hunting in Harrison County.
  9. Hunted up there many times. Seen some big deer over there. Hunted Leesville and Clendening and around Atwater. Very good area.
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  10. I have a few hubdred acres between Cadiz and Jewitt. Good deer numbers and some goos size deer. Nothing like the caliber of bucks on the farm in Columbiana county but way higher deer numbers
  11. That deer is living on borrowed time it would seem. Hope you get another crack at him this season.
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  12. I've never seen anything like it! We are all usually pretty reliable shot makers. He's just like a ghost. I had him coming to my stand on Oct. 30th he was at 30 yards but behind a limb, looked out to the other side of the alfalfa field and saw two does and took off after them. Two more steps I would have had a slam dunk shot. The miss I had on Sept. 27th I misjudged yardage and my range finder was in my truck! My uncle hasn't missed a deer with his bow since the Clinton Admin. so his deal was really weird. 30 yards broadside from the same stand! Dude just has some kind of luck but he's a beautiful 5x5. Can't wait to see him this year!