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Groundhogs 2018

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by bluedog, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Opening up this year's thread for all to post their groundhog pictures.

    Let the games begin. (Coincidentally I shot my first groundhog on April 15th last year too).

    This young lady was running through my friend's outside goat pen (the goats were in the barn). I was out walking around the barnyard, turned the corner, groundhog ran for its hole but then paused at the entrance. The hole is just on the other side of the fence post and up against the cement pad in the picture. Head shot, off hand at 15-20 yards. She flopped and then slid into the hole and I had to reach in and pull her back out. Dressed her out for the freezer. VERY early pregnant with 5. My friend whose farm I was hunting said that meant I shot 6 groundhogs. :D

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  2. Man that would freak me out field dressing something and finding babies. We will wage war on them shortly after memorial day.

  3. They were REALLY small. I didn't even notice them at first. I'm going to have to keep this in mind. I don't mind shooting a pregnant chuck but the thought of orphaning a litter that has already been born creeps me out. So 32-ish day gestation, 6 weeks until weaning. Probably looking at mid to late June to start back hunting after the turkey season pause. The woodchucks have been late emerging from hibernation this year thus they bred a little bit later than normal too. I'll see if this is an accurate observation as I collect more date during my early season groundhog hunting.
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  4. I just looked it up after reading your OP. I started seeing them around here mid march. We shot one that had milk sacks a year or so ago and ill admit it kind of bothered me a little bit but she had some babies out there with her. I think I'm with ya I'm holding off until June or so. Someone smarted me off years ago about hunting animals and possibly orphaning them. I wont shoot a doe until past rut, no other animals until close to then too. I looked them dead in the eye and said I have a heart and conscious just like you. I'm a HUNTER NOT A KILLER! Big difference IMO.

    Good luck with the Turkey's I'm skipping this year and fishing instead or turkey hunting.
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  5. I've shot a few woodchucks with milk too at least when I first started hunting them. I really try not to do that anymore. Good thing turkey season occupies my mind for the month of May. :D :D

    Have fun fishing!!! I haven't fished in YEARS. It's something I really need to start doing again because I love eating fish. :D
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  6. So I went groundhog hunting this afternoon. Made it 1 hour. 37°. Windchill of 25°. Snowed pretty good for about 15 minutes in the middle. Froze my fingers. I had to do it. I couldn't stand being cooped up in the house for another minute. Did I seen any groundhogs? Nope. They were much smarter than I.
  7. I shot my first last weekend but never bothered getting a picture. There's a big one out back I gotta take care of if I ever see him. Every time I see him and go get a gun he disappears.
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  8. I always wait till after Jul 4 to start shooting them. By then their done having litters..
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  9. I've got one more week until spring turkey season puts me in hiatus and then I'll keep the hiatus going for a few extra weeks to give a chance for litters to wean. In the meantime.......

    Hunting out of the back end of an equipment shed at my friends' farm.

    Number 2 of the season. Pretty mangy adult male. My offering the to the turkey vultures
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