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Groundhog hunting

Discussion in 'Questions about Ohio Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by Smallie34, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Something that I didnt realize until about a month ago was that groundhog season ends like Oct 15th, I was at the shooting range at Deer Creek and the rangemaster informed me of it, I was always under the impression that there was no closed season, he didnt know why they did it, made me mad because I cant see a reason for it, and I sometimes had pretty good luck hunting hogs in October right up until the opening day of Rabbitt season, I plan to give the Division a call and see if they can offer me a legitimate reason for shutting it down a couple weeks early.
  2. Unless i am reading it wrong, Season for groundhog is only closed during Deer gun least thats what it says on the DNR website.


  3. Thats what I thought??? but the guy that told me this works for the Division of Wildlife so I really dont know what to think??? he wasnt happy about it either because he hunts them as well, I will just give them a call and see what they say.
  4. If that is true they should put it in print. I have only read it is closed during deer gun season also.
  5. The regs read to me like it's only closed in deer gun season. I think the man at the gun range needs to get the facts. :confused:
  6. If it would have been anyone else I would have said he is full of it, but he is a FT employee of the division of wildlife, most of the year he is watching over the range, since the range is closed in January and Febuary he works on whatever upgrades need to be done around the park, after Christmas I will give a Game Warden a call and see what they say, nothing would tickle me more than to hear this is not true as I usually hunt hogs for those couple of weeks.
  7. Shoot Smallie, anyone can make a mistake. Me and my good buddy down TN way went out scouting sign and ran into a couple of fellas carrying rifles. We asked them what the heck they were doing cause season was still a week off. They said they thought it was this Saturday. Well we just happened to have the rule book with us and showed them. They unloaded and went home. When we got back home while reading over the rule book we noticed that the one we picked up at the gun store was a year old! :eek: Anyway all I've seen in print is ground hogs are closed during deer gun season. (And that comes from the right book!) :D
  8. well he is right and he is wrong

    or maybe you miss understood him.groundhog season does not close on october 15 .but you may no longer hunt them with a rifle or handgun on state property until january 2nd the law is under the public hunting lands section of the regulations and states:
    " it is unlawful to hunt with a rifle or handgun on state public hunting areas during daylight hours from october 15 through january 1st with three exeptions(1) squirrels may be hunted with a .22 caliber rifle,pistol or revolver using only rimfire ammunition during the open squirrel season(2)deer may be hunted with handguns and muzzleloading rifles during the deer gun season and with muzzle loading rifles during the primitive deer hunting seasons except at auburn marsh wildlife area which is archery only(3) rifle and hanguns may be used to take furbearers from 6 pm to 6 am. no the season does not close but the means by which you may take groundhog on state land does change hope this helps keep you out of a run in with the law. it seems to me that this is intended to keep high powered ammunition from flying around state land during the most crowded time of year . happy hunting
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  9. You might very well be right? I have misplaced my regulations for 2002 and have not made it out yet to get a replacement, needless to say I was going check before I went back out after Oct 15th, better safe than sorry.