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Ground Hog Hunters...

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 14, 2002.

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  1. Seeing how many ground hog hunters do we have here. Do you use a gun or a bow? I have gotten 18 in the last year near my house and several with my .22 Mag rifle.
  2. My Brother and I both hunt groundhogs in the summer months.We shoot 22-250,and he also has a .223 all of which are Ruger brand guns.We usally take anywhere from 75 to 100 chucks a season.

  3. nice!! I need a .22-250 or a .222 or a .223. I have a 30-06 but to hunt those I'm going to have to start reloading my own. The ammo is too big.
  4. We started loading all of our rifle ammo 2 years ago.It has saved us alot of money by doing so.We also reload all of our shotgun shells too,we have for over 20 years.
  5. Chuck hunting is one of my favorit thing to do in the summer, well i do like my fishing.:)

    I use T/C Contenders most of the time, but have long gun's also, I guess the Ruger #1 in .223 is my go to gun for woodchucks.

    The Contenders are from .17 Rem. to 45-70.

    Also get in a little bowhunting when the beans are about afoot high, love stalking chucks in the bean fields.
    <-----<<< >>>-----> <-------<<< >>>-----> <------<<<<<

    This is my first post on this forum, I'm a new guy.:)

    This is one nice looking site. I like the layout.
  6. Love shooting chucks. I prefer blackpowder, but I use a 7mm08 also.
  7. I hunt them got some with the 22lr 22mag 12ga. with00 buck. There all over the farm. The holes are bad news on the equipment at times you really have to watch out the best you can. :(
  8. Ground Hog results 2001

    I managed 75 Chucks in my first fukk year of Chuck hunting. I used mainley a Savage 12FV chambered un 22-250. I also nailed several using a Marlin 17V HMR . I bought a Savage 93FV late in the year and took a couple with it as well.

    I'll be adding a Bushmaster VArmint Rifle AR-15 as well as a Savage 12BVSS in .243 and and ArmaLite AR-50BMG as well this spring. Money and time permitting I would like to add a .221 fireball as well. My goal for 2003 is 100 chucks.

    I fill my time right now mostly Coyote hunting. I'm still looking for a good place to fox hunt and learn the basics. Perhaps if anyone is interested I would gladly trade some time with them in a good fox populated are are ain exchange for some good chuck hunting and perhaps a coyote trip.

    Happy Holidays to all and I'm glad I found this page. I can be reached via E-mail @, also I live just west of Cleveland.

    Scot M
  9. Varmint Hunting

    Good Morning !

    I am new to this site so here go's !

    I am 47 years old and retired, I love to varmint hunt here in Ohio plus I take trips to South Dakota to shoot prairie dogs.
    I got myself in the 1000yd downrange club with VHA and I am hopping to move to the 2000yd club this next spring.

    Here in Ohio I have shot 106 groundhogs and 12 coyotes now in SD ahooting prairie dogs all I can say that there was alot of tham.

    Can I ask is there anyone here that PD hunts?

  10. That's a long way of to shoot. What kind of rifle do you have to do that?

    BTW Welcome to the site!!
  11. Ðe§perado

    I have a AR-50 coming and the scope I will be putting on it will be a 12x42x56mm NightForce.
  12. Sorry for the spelling error in my first post. It was supposed to be FULL not what I wrote. I figure most have already figured it out, but just incase I did not want to offend anyone.

  13. Remington001

    Thats ok I new to this site also.

    So do you do any long range shooting?

  14. Very nice gun. I'm going to try to find me a .222 or .223 not sure of a brand yet.
  15. Remington001

    I have a 223 bolt that is a Ruger M77VT and it nice and I also have a Bushmaster Varminter AR15 and I really like it when I am out to South Dakota PD hunting.

    My buddy has a 222.
  16. I have a 30-06. Just not sure if I want to sell it to get the .222 I haven't used in 8 years. It's just collecting dust at this time.
  17. yard pigs

    Man i used to hunt them all the time...spend to much time & $ fishing anymore.
    I have over 700 acres of private land to hunt(deer creek runs through it, mostly cattle fields) perfect for yard pigs and coyotes,.
    A few yrs back i bought a Rem. 22/250 (700 action) Sendaro with free floating target barrel. I love this can sure reach out and touch something with it.
    My boss at work just moved here from Texas and has a 1000yrd gun(wildcat load)..he also has a 22/250 and does go to SD for Pd too, says its a lot of fun..i might have to join him next trip out there?
    Good hunting/fishing to all.
  18. Groundhog hunting

    What a passion of mine, been hunting them for about 12 years now, my favorite guns for the deed depending on my mood could be a Remington 700VS in either a 223 or 308, a Remington 700VLS in 22-250, or maybe a Ruger 77R in 257 Roberts, cant wait until spring so I can get on them again, would like to start getting my Contender in 22 hornet some more work as well, anybody want to talk hogs or guns drop me a line.
  19. I have killed many with my bow, but when I need to remove a large number from an area I have a cheap savage .223 bolt action with a cheap Simmons 3X9 scope. When you are use to killing them with a bow at point blank range, even my cheap gun feels like a killing machine.

    I was shooting it at 150 yards a couple weeks ago and was shooting a 1 inch group. That is plenty good enough for me . Most of the hogs I shoot with it are only about 50 yards away.
  20. I'm a groundhog hunter . I use rifles and handguns . Have rifles and handguns ranging from 17 caliber to 45 caliber . The 17's have been my favorite's the past couple of years but I still use some of the others once in a while .
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