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The case was rejected on the door again and again, can I go back is to repeat it?

Now everybody go to school, while I was jordan shoes still at home Shaleng, no pursuit of life, there is no tomorrow to work toward, and the Living Dead, there were no differences

August is a month worth I went looking for his confident, believe in miracles produced in me, as Li Ning's: everything is possible, although the relentless rejected many times, but the eternal confidence in me has been the support, but August so is gone, no matter the school news

September to cheap jordan shoes no breathless. See students carrying a bag, happily go to school, go home in peace, the kind of feeling like a knife, had said so easily, but now it has been combined into a difficult wound to the original I did not think of myself as strong in his own mind very much want to study, not a social mix of

This month, in September, I forgot you should be happy to live, but addicted to the Internet, and air jordan force the network became friends, all without any attachment to the outside world, no smiles, suppressed their feelings, do not care about everything Perhaps this is the right mood after falling pound, has dedicated the university on the desire to go to college, but all in all have been and I do not have any association did not think back to repeat, because I simply do not want to go back and repeat, repetition can be admitted to undergraduate Do you? For that score, I do not want to go back and repeat, because there is no need to waste money. The parents lived for air jordan fusion their own future good point, obsessed with the idea to put the best school I hope next year can be admitted to the undergraduate, but I hurt them again and again, again and again top shape them, I do not want it, but I could not restrain his own impulses, and their dispute, so that parents sad, and again let them worry about me ... ... but I can in my heart and they say I'm sorry! I feel that I should not go back and repeat, because I know their situation, perhaps james lebron shoes trying to avoid it! !

Afraid to fill volunteer, admitted the situation is more the fear of investigation, each filling a volunteer, are intact back to you, maybe. It jordan 2010 scores relatively speaking, anyone willing to? Must have no bar, only the bad schools will receive

All along, no matter who value are merely the result, but ignored the process, the process of how difficult, no matter how the United States, it is always the process of it, no one would ask what the nike dunks high process is just how blindly the results-oriented of. However, I am only interested in the process, so I did not think back to prison, the continuing Middle School (actually a high four-bar) life, continue to soar in the sky can not be free.

Filled the day before yesterday the last volunteer is the last hope this year is also the crossroads of life choices this year's stand. However, check a bit this afternoon, still the same, not thrown to the heart cold, and not have any hope of ... ... so disheartened, perhaps, so to speak, is a university and I do not have any of fate! Students can call me again so it tomorrow another day, but was thrown out of my files go? Do not know if there is no message, only that he did not further nike sb dunk low study the cell.

Inner conflict and struggle, never daring and parents say it, allow yourself to working, so that the hearts of parents will be more injuries, the door will make siblings guilty ... ... but what do, I just want to give back to repeat the opportunity to select the aimlessly wandering, go their own way, it would not be so to speak, watching other people go to school, although he has not tell the sad, but also how to do it! ! I do not know how he can do! ! Sometimes people think, really selfish

Looking at the stars in the night sky, no stars if the sky is what it will do a Star? Maybe the sky is very dark without the stars as though a person can go on to lose the reasons for it. Sometimes I wish I could see a meteor, it may also repay and make a wish, as can come true, I do not know, thinking about their own thinking and a loss of what it tells Star. But I still was not that lucky

Dark, and also that of all of today something bothering or happy ending, because no matter how kind of mood today there will be a close, hope that tomorrow is no longer the days are so bleak

Apr 26, 2010
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