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Green Mono

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Fish, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. OK, I have heard that green mono is great for clear water.
    I have never had good luck with it in Erie.

    Is it really worth it to keep trying, or should I stay with clear?

    If most say I should keep trying it, then I will, but honestly I don't have any confidence in it and they say that confidence in lures is everything. Is it also true in mono?
  2. Fish

    A fishing partner of mine swears by that green color...but i only use a certain brand and color myself...i use Co-polymer Gamakatsu G-power line in smoke(its more like a grey) and i fish very clear water and do very well on smallmouth using it.
    I have read many articles on line color and eack color acts different because of the dyes they add to get that color..some are more stiff than others and some create more memory.
    I say use what YOU have confedence in.

  3. I use the green mono line and never had a problem with it in clear water. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.;)
  4. OK, thanks for the replies guys.

    I guess I'll go back to using clear since that's where my confidence lies.

    I'll carry an extra spool with green, just incase my partner is using it and is catching all the fish. :D
    Or not. I guess I have to have some excuse when I get skunked right? :D
  5. Fish

    Yea confidence is the key..i fish with a lot of guys and have set beside them and using same line, lure and have out fished them many times..they say something about "luckY" underwear, but i say its experience and time on the water. Same goes for wadin clear water streams, same results..knowing the water and the specie your after plays a big part in catching and having confidence in what you are doing, using ect. is the key also.
    I get caught up in tackle because im a tackleholic, but thats just me...i prefer lines, reels and rods most guys dont use as i like to be different and it fits my style of fishing compared to the norm.

    Skunked??? no way, if your partner keeps skunking you, then find out he using a different lure than you(if so buy some of them to) if its the same lure..then is he retrieving it differently than you? is he fishing only certain spots(ie fast water, you slow water or vis versa? I do SOMETIMES get beat while fishing with someone, but thats usualy because some of them learn what im doing and beat me to key spots that ive been catching fish in, or i let them get to those areas first to get them fish(if i out fished them all the time, they wouldnt want to fish with me anymore,,lol;) :cool: )
    I would say getting skunked by a partner is not because of line color, unless your using some God awful BRIGHT colored stuff:rolleyes:
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  6. Thank you Flatheadmaniac.
    That was a good and informative post.

    The crack about getting skunked was a joke as I don't have a partner, but I have fished with one before where he was using clear and I was using green. I didn't catch anything and he was, finally after an hour or 2 of trying to see how far he's letting it drop before he retrieves, what exactly he does retrieval speed etc. I mean I even asked him if I could throw to the EXACT spot he was a few times and I still wasn't getting hit, and he was. I change my spool to clear and about 20 mins or so got a hit.

    It was probably the retrieval speed and the jerks/cadence on the way in since I even changed to the same lure he was using, but it was getting to me. :D

    It was the only time I used green, so wasn't quite sure what to think of it yet.

    It has messed with my mind ever since, but I hear so many people talking about it, that swear by it, that I don't want to just be close minded about it.

    Thanks for replying.
  7. Mono ...

    All my mono bulk spools are Trilene low-vis Green .. for both clear water Erie & stained Indian Lake. No Problems for me, but I do like P-line fluoro leaders for some Erie apps.
  8. Hey Ray

    I agree with using Flouirocarbon leaders, specially in ultra clear water(for me thats mid winter fishing).
    I have tried a ton of them and have found Seaguar FW & Seaguar Grand Max to be the best for me...lower dia. and extra strong.
    I also use the Grand Max for "shock" leaders for long casting below tailwaters.
  9. Lines.....

    Fish......I'm convinced & know from experiance some lines are stiffer, thicker, etc than other of the same diameter. Excell 8# is thicker that Silver Thread #8 , etc. So here's my theory. That would have an effect on the wobble & vibrations a lure will release, not to mention the depth & speed it reaches that depth. I know I've even had "lucky" lures that out produce even the identical lure. I just figure there's something a little different in dimensions, the lip, etc and that sets up enough of a change to make the fish hit or not.;)
    It's not rocket science, but it is science.;)
  10. Back when I used to Bass fish, I used ande in green, caught alot of Bass on topwater with this line..When I could not find ande I would go to trilene clear, and I got fewer hits...So I think it does help!