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Hey everybody, I'm poppin my post cherry tonight! To start off, WOW what a weekend. Overall, my dad and I had five birds well within gun range. I've been on quite the drought for the past couple years on putting down a good 3 year old or better. We only ended up coming out with one great bird but it was a blast. We hunted friday hard and had little luck but Later that night i took a stroll down the lane in blue jeans just to practice my diaphragms and called in a BIG paintbrush longbeard. First bird i ever called in on my own. Saturday, right off the get go we had a "screamer" comin in. I was absolutely rattled and because of my excitement, I lost sight of him after 40 yards. Next thing I know PUTT and there he was, 10 yards. By then it was too late and he bailed over the hill. Chased him all day, still screamin, but couldn't make it happen. Went back to where I called that big bird in and he was goin nuts. Got on him, called him in at 30 yards and dropped him. Stood up to go snatch him and he took off with a wing flap and glided across the hollow! I was more than upset especially after we couldn't find him. Sunday we went out and got right back the first bird a screwed up on saturday. He was hung up in his struttin zone down on a small flat after his hens left to the nest. My dad and I slid up the hill, got within 50 yards of him, and sat our butts down right before this thicket on the ridge face. My dads crystal was wet and we couldn't move a muscle so I was left to call. Took about ten minutes, but my sexy purrs finally coaxed him in at about 35 yards. He knew by then he should have seen that hen, so he locked up giving my dad the a beautiful shot and me nothing. My dad gave me as much time as we had to try and lean out to get the shot but it just couldn't happen. That bird turned to run on out and I said take him. My dad dropped that sucker like a sack of bricks and we ran down over the hill to snatch him! I'm 18 and thats the first bird I have ever called in that got killed and I am proud as S**T. My dad has called me in countless birds and it was incredible to return the favor! Heres some pictures and sorry for the drawn out story! I'll get some pics of his inch and a quarter spurrs as soon as possible!
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