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Great site.....

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by rrbski, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. thanks for the link Bob, I believe there is more variations to this Carp fishing than any other kind of angling.

  2. Thanks Bob!!!

    This link is very interesting. I'm going to try to use some of these rigs this year.;)
  3. Hi Bob

    As always, great to see the info, spreading about the "Golden" fish;) .
    I guess sometimes i forget not everyone knows about this great fish and that its the #1 fresh water sportfish WORLD wide...and only in the USA is it looked down on:(
    Thankfully groups like the C.A.G.(Carp Anglers Group) are paving the way to show more american anglers what they are missing. I say that within the next 10 yrs the catfish boom will take off full speed and maybe take the carp with it..more and more anglers are learing about these two species and are getting with the other anglers that have been enjoying them for years.
    Certainly not many so called "game" species that anglers can boast catches of 10-30 fish a day with an avg. size of possibly 15-20lbs and do this all the time..carp and cats are wide spread and offer lots of unknowing anglers a fun trip, if they would just give them a shot.
    See ya at the C.A.G. outtings this year Bob, looking forward to it.
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  5. I'd rather throw out some shad or chum an area with corn than flip jigs into cover any day
  6. LOL...LOL

    BB..i must say i agree with your statement 100%..BUT remember there is a WIDE range of anglers here that fish for a lot of species..just remember to each is own.

    The reason i fish for what i do is for my own personal enjoyment #1 ,also i like the settings much better compared to boat filled lakes that have trash along every bank!
    This fish i choose to chase are all for different reasons..WhiteBass.because they are some much fun, you can catch 100's per day..and are a great spring fish to help get the rust off of ya from a long winter of not throwing lures.
    Smallmouth bass, because like 2002 i can catch them 12 months a year and they are a challenge. PLus the streams i fish offer some of the best surrounding to fish in.(oh yea they kind of fight good on 6 lb test too ;) )
    Catfish & carp.. VERY sporting fighters that will test your tackle to its limits..the avg. size is BIG and they bite during hrs i love to fish..which is
    I dont have anything against guys that dont fish for the species i just leaves more room and more fish all to myself;) :D :cool: which i thank them for!!
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  7. Not that I have never beat the banks before or cranked spinner baits.
    I like fishing when I don't know if the next one will be 5lbs. or 50lbs. Not will it be 12" or 20".

    There is nothing better than sitting on the bank or the boat. Lines out, spools disengaged.....clickers waiting......and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.........HO.....SHID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GED'UM GED'UM......

    Feeling that fish bend the rod like it's an ultra light........
  8. good links. I need to get one of those bed chairs for catfishing. lol Hey bob, I am gonna have to get your way this year and you can show me how to catch those big ol'carp.

  9. hey Bill

    Heres a picture of Bob's "house" at last years C.A.G. outting at East Harbor..VERY nice set up indeed.
    Great thing about this gear , as you said, can be used for bankfishing cats too...thats what i plan to use it for..BOTH species.

    A big problem that has been with baitrunner style reels is the clicker is pretty low and for all night trips where one MIGHT fall asleep and not hear the reel go...the Rod Pod W/ alarms is going to be real slick to correct this problem. Also if your like me..when i fish the Ohio R. i like to put a cat or carp rod out then walk around throwing lures for other species..or walk along the bank collecting bait in the cast net...with this set up you wont have to worry about hearing your rod take off if your 50ft down the bank..with adj. volume control and an ear popping db level that can even wake the dead if needed!!
    With the bedchair and shelter set up you wont have to go with out sleep or stand in the rain waiting for a hit..just kick back, enjoy the peace and queit and relax!!
  10. Bob had his carp sticks at the new richmond tourny, you can here that beep a long way off, much further than clickers. I was teasing him that night about the wiplash I got from looking that way whenever I heard them. I can here my 6500 c-3's while I am sleeping but you are right about walking down the bank and not hearing them. That is one good thing about circle hooks and good bank holders and lake fishing. If you get hit while away the fish is on by itself.

  11. Desperado

    That last link is from my small carp site i have..only made a few trips last year for carp..but 2003 i wil be able to make over 1/2 of the outtings for sure.
    I also hope to make lots of trips in between with some of the guys around and near Columbus too.
  12. I hope to get a few trips in for carp myself. As well as alot of catfishing trips to dif. rivers and lakes. I want to meet alot of dif. anglers/sportsman this year.

  13. hey Bill?

    What about a trip to Spain to catch a Wels catfish like the one in your avitar?;)
  14. Glad y'all enjoyed the info...I was floored when I first got on line a few year's back and saw all this stuff.

    Flathunter said
    Jack...I think that may be what I like about it so well as the folks I've met and fight in the fish. :) They can perterb ya at times can see um and throw everything including the kitchen sink....and they'll just plain ignor ya. :D
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  15. I can't wait until mid to late april at Buckeye! The carpin' out there is great at night! I think I told some of you, but one night out there, between 12-3am my gf and I caught 12 carp, 10 were over FO length of 26" one was 30" or so!

    What do you guys prefer for carpin'? Baitrunner/spinning or casting reels? I think I'll try both this year.......there's something about getting a big fish on casting gear......makes me feel like I'm back down in FL
  16. Now you guys are speaking my language :) . Can't wait for spring to come around so I can get back out and catch some carp (I'm not into the winter scene). I think this year will be the year of the carp for me -- not fishing for much else. I've learned a great deal about the Euro techniques over the past couple years and it's finally producing more and bigger fish. Got to fish with a lot of great people last year and hope to do the same this year.
  17. I hear ya CW....lookin forward to carpin 2003.

    BB...I prefer the spinning/baitrunner...based on distance and also ease in lobbing some of the packbaits I use. But...definately use my 6500 Carpmasters on occasion too...really enjoy fishing with them. Changing equipment and methods every once in awhile keeps things fun.
  18. I like the spinning too. Many, well all the time I throw a small circle hook, one or two bb size shot and corn. Couldn't do that with a casting rig. I also plan to carp from my boat this season.
    I didn't get to fish as much as I would like to have last season, this year the fish better be ready!