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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. rrbski, that link won't work for me for some reason. Maybe the site is down right now or something. Its the link in the GFO forum that is the problem.

  2. I want one of those, drop it in a flathead hole and see what is there:)
  3. good deal Bob

    I read your post over at GFO and thought i'd share it with the guys over here...was'nt sure if you were going to post it here or not!

    Yea that unit would be real slick on a bait boat.
    I read your original post that your buddys got a friend to increase the signal and expanded its range out to 100 yrds instead of the stock 100ft..thats great!!!!

    OK this brings me to a you know of ANY bait boat dealers over here, what about Paul? or are all the ones in the UK?
  4. LOL Jack

    That was the FIRST thought that popped into my head when i saw it..this thing opens SOOOO many options!!
    Remember us talking about "mapping" out certain spots to figure out the depth, structure , ect the other night through e-mails...this unit is the key!!
    I might go see if they have any in stock right now...have plastic, will purchase!;) i love on-line lines to wait in and open 24hrs a day.
  5. I cant afford one, but if you get one ScottI cant wait till you bring it down this spring..This seems like every bankfishermans dream!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Might be bait !!

    One of those flatheads might swallow it & then you could map out it's territory !
  7. Ok I see it. It seems like it would be cool to have but a REEL money pit considering everytime that sensor falls off or the waterproof part leaks you have to buy a new one.
  8. You might have a point.

    Better not to use in in a high snag area or high current area. Looks like it would be great for lakes, slow rivers, even in tailwaters of dams flow permitting.
  9. you guys MIGHT be missing the point?

    You can clip it to a line a cast it out, yes...BUT if you read Bobs original post his buddys put it on a "bait boat"..(which is a remote controlled boat used to deliver bait & hooked bait to your spot)
    You could rig this thing to a remote controlled boat and run it around a spot to "map" out an can find out all there is to know right from the bank!!
    You could do most of the searching during the day , lowering the chance of loosing the unit!!!!!
  10. This is soooo...... confusing

    Cross linking from one fishing forum to another. I'm glad it's okay here, some places it isn't.
    I understand that fish can & will hit it, but that was posted at the OTHER forum.
    So if a little ol' bass could do that......what would a big cat or those big smallies do ? That was my point, mostly though, I was pointing out to lureboy it makes sence to use one in a low hazard area.
    Those boats can get tangled in log jams too.
    You're right, I'd never use it in the dark, unless on a lake. I'd love to run one on a boat below the dams. I hear those knee boards make a good platform for a remote boat.
  11. Guess that's why....

    they sell "spare" remote sonars (the green piece)'s the transducer and the only part you cast out. The screen etc...stays on the bank with you. I plan on using it with rod and reel..., it'll kinda look like a frog going across the top :) Glad it would only be $20 to replace....or just use a good heavy braid...since no hooks the fish would let it loose...I hope :)
  12. Jim...

    I never lost it to the bass....just had them "attack" it. I hear ya on the confusing :) What we were talking about in the other thread was a spod for long distance chumming.
  13. Sorry Jim, but LMAO

    Let me help ya untangle this topic...the quote"I know I'm gonna lose it one of these days. Have had bass pop it good a time or two." was made by Bob about his SPOD ROCKET..NOT this fish finder!!! Bob does not have one of these NEW units, yet;) !

    OK now for the FISH FINDER guys know those dang dipsy-diver boards, the ones that are round and have a keel on the bottom of them?????
    Well this unit is simular to that design, but smaller!!
    Now i have not seen the pics. of Bobs friends bait boat with this NEW FISH FINDER on it..but im guessing you could hook the unit up to a stiff wire and let it hang over the side of the remote boat..or use a pcs of heavy 50lb test mono, just so the unit hangs in the water over the side of the remote boat!!

    Jim did you ever get to see the pics. Tiny had on his Keystone dam site before of his home made bait boat for delivering his hook, sinker and bait to his spots(as far out as 300 yrds!)
    It was a sweet unit that ran off of a 12volt deepcycle marine battery(the small lawn tractor size ones at wal-mart) it ran a 24lb thrust(i think) trolling motor(shaft cut down)..i tried to go find them to show you guys, but hes changed his site al around and takin a lot of his stuff off of there for some reason?
  14. your right Bob

    I would probably use mine with a rod along with a boat for big areas.
    I'd just add a nice big weighted float above the unit so to keep it close to the surface and away from snags and such(plus the float would add some weight for casting).

    That thing would be awesome on the Scioto........that snag on my side......I would love to float that thing down there and see what lurks!!!!!!!! Every electronics maker will be jumping in that boat......
  16. Scott...the transducer (remote sonar) floats. You cast it out...and just like a transducer mounted on a regular boat...maps what is underneath it. You reel it in and watch your need to worry about snags on the stays on the surface...other wise it could'nt tell you how deep the water is...or if there were any fish under it. The reason the guys attached it to the baitboats was so when they found good structure/fish...they'd open the bottom of the boat (remote controlled)...dump out the chum...and release their hook bait. No boat or bait boat needed just cast out and reel in slowly to map out the area.