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I was at a grad party for my friend's daughter last week, and hoping I would run into their uncle (he's a bowhunter and also a friend of mine) I grabbed my bow and some arrows, threw 'em in my truck without really looking at my arrows other than than knowing they were old carbons. I was kinda bummed as I missed him, so I didn't think I'd get to shoot. Oh well...

So it gets dark, and then the grad in question flashes her doe eyes at me to bring out the bow so she can see it and that she wants me to take her deer hunting this year. She's never been hunting and also never shot a bow. I've somehow become an unofficial uncle to her, and I'm wrapped around her finger, so to speak. My girlfriend has become an unofficial aunt also.

After I explain to her that it's too dark, the bow is too heavy for her to pull (she weighs MAYBE 100lbs), and I realize I don't have anything to shoot into...

Of course I'll bring the bow out for you sweetheart...Like I can say anything else?

Under a porch light I show her the bow, how to put on a release etc. And it's obvious this girl wants to hunt. I was almost teary eyed as none of my friends or family hunts, at least not anymore.

I tell her I have nothing to shoot into and her dad says to go ahead and shoot the old shed. It's dark, and I also realize that none of the arrows I brought has field points in them. To make the most of a bad situation, I use this as a lesson in exploding carbon arrows (they are ones I'm not worried if I break or lose-you know, junk arrows), and how they can be dangerous. I have her stand behind me and I can barely make out the shed about 20-30 yds away. It can see there is a white particle board leaning on the shed and let lose with a carbon arrow with no tip of any kind just an empty insert.

POW. We go with a flashlight and see the arrow buried to the vanes in the particle board. Not only that it went through the plywood wall of the shed, a box and into corrugated plastic pipe just standing up in there. I inspect the arrow and it's not damaged. I go back and shoot again, same arrow but I'm a little nervous this time. Same thing happens. Let's just say it was not a real test of broadhead or arrow penetration, but after that, I'm not really worried at all about what kind of broadheads to use anymore. The answer is ANY. Especially with carbon.

The aforementioned grad/niece is now thoroughly impressed with archery and deer hunting, which is a tall order with this generation.
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Is it really for her? I guess I'll just have to take her and find out. I don't push.

She thinks I'm the biggest baddest bowhunter in the Ohio woods now
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And I ain't about to tell her otherwise...looks like I got me an apprentice, gotta keep her on her toes!

To be continued...

Jun 12, 2012
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