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GoPro Camera

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by befordree, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys.
    Im looking at starting to film my hunts but i just want a camera that mounts on my bow. I have been looking around and it seems like everyone who puts a GoPro on their bow points it back at themselves... I'm not sure why... But I was wondering if anyone has yet to point one forward and get a good shot on film? If anyone knows anything about this, some advice would be much appreciated. I've seen the phone mounts, but the videos are just shaky and you cant really see the shot placement...
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    I think a GoPro mounted on your head would do pretty good. Also make sure you use lumenoks or equivalent to really make your shot stand out in the video.

  3. "As you know, they are very small and light. You should be able to fab up a mounting bracket and face it forward on the bow. They also make a remote control that you can use to turn on the camera without reaching around the front of the bow, fumbling with the small buttons on the camera. You can film your hunt with it and not waste a lot of battery power. Just select the footage you want to record. The remote can be placed on your wrist as it has an elastic strap.

    I turn on my GoPro with the remote, mounted on the outside of my car, (suction cup tripod mount) when ever I want to record some road footage.

    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

  4. GoPro

    I just bought the Hero 2. I purchased the handlebar mount and it fits nicely on my stabilizer.

    I have shot it a few times and agree with the lumenok comment. I would suggest mounting it as near to the riser as possible to minimize the camera dropping after the shot.

    Seems to work well for me so far, but I am also playing with the strap for wearing it on my head. I think this will be a better option, but will require a bit of practice as the camera will need to be left of center (right handed shooter).

    Video quality has been outstanding, but I think shots will be limited to 20-25 yards for good quality.

  5. They work great. you will love it. I do mine.
  6. Can you see the shot placement very well? Im sure a Lumenok would help. But i figured that, if it was mounted on your bow, that the bow would shake to much when you shoot to see the arrow fly.
  7. I saw some footage the other day while looking at Bowtech Bows, and the guy had the camera mounted right on the riser. It didn't shake after the arrow left the bow. I thought it looked pretty good. The arrows had the Lumenok style accessory.

    The bracket mount could be made to offset the quiver, full of arrows. Counter balance if you will. I haven't tried it but it could work. If it's mounted on the stablizer, out in front of the riser, it will want to tip the bow forward during and after the shot, (not good). Just some thoughts.

  8. Good thread. I'd love to see a bow shot video if anyone has one to post. ;)
  9. Lumenock with the GoPro Hero2

    mounted as far back on the stabilizer as possible. Shakes a little, but never loses the target. When placed near the riser, i really don't notice the added weight.

    I will try the head mount that came with the camera tomorrow.

    The target is a small Glendale buck. Distance is 20 yards. Hero2 is set at 90 for the field of view.

    I did trim the video down to 720P. At full HD, it is much better. Video shot at about 7:15 to 7:30.

    [ame=""]GoPro Hero2 and Lumenocks video by cwtrail - Photobucket[/ame]
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  10. I just don't like how there is no zoom. Woods are sometimes too dense for these cameras to work well I think.
  11. We filmed some of this video with the go pro hero and the gopro hero2. I like them for certain things but a shot on a deer might not look good unless it's within 10 yards. I posted this in the small game section so you may have seen this, but if not I hope this helps.

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