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I put out a mix of Sweet yellow clover and winter rye last Sept. I wanted it to be a Bedding site. This spring I added some sorgum. The bush honysuckle was cut to the ground... Long story short the sorgum and the sweet yellow clover is a great combo..... The clover will grow to hights of 4 ft... right now it is jamming it has been brow's on more than my other clovers.. Add sorgum it seems to be a perfect mix..

The young Bush Honey suckle is everywhere and everywhere I look has been heavaly brow's on.. FYI.. A lot of people tell me that they don't eat the bush honeysuckle very much but for the past 20 years I have seen deer brow's on it a lot.. They really like the young but will brows on the mature leaves as late Oct. comes it. It is the only thing green in the wood's..
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