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Good lube

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. I use the Rocket oils on my..........Reels, but what kind of lube or grease do you guys recommend for drags? The drag on fishing reels, not referring to anyone:rolleyes:

    Could have done without that:D
  2. Rocket Fuel

    also makes a GREASE for the gears and drags..lOOK on that site you sent me before that has all the "reel candy" i think its on that one..i highly recommend that brand of oil and grease.

  3. Mark turned me on to the red label Rocket oil........I put that stuff on my OLD Penn longbeach grouper digger. This things acts like it has 10 bearings!!!!!!!! Super smoooooottttthhhhhhh:cool:
  4. You can order it online at or at Fisherman's Warehouse.
  5. Hatteras Outfitter's

    where i get all my "goodies"..i use both the RED and YELLOW Rocket Fuel along with the Rocket quality there is.
    BB try it on all your reels..would beleive the improvement Stradics feel smoother than Sustains
    Best way to start using these oils is to take your stock bearings out..totally clean your reel and bearings of all the old stock lube before applying the rocket much better this way and is recommended by Rocket Fuel. ONLY draw back to the red rocket fuel is it is VERY fast and is used mostly for Distance Casting competition...WARNING VERY FAST OIL, NOT recommended for just REGULAR fishing use!! Most should stick to the YELOW rocket fuel.
    Hatteras is also where i got my ceramic & #7 ABEC bearings for my Calcutta's and Abu's. Plus the extreme smoothie drag washers(they dont need grease or oil compared to other drag washers!)

    The quantum "hot sauce" is another good oil, not as good as the rocket fuel in my opinion, but much better than the stock lube that comes in your reel.
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  6. Link

    I had that link (click) in my favorites list. Click on the Misc. link on the top of the page, then to Reel Candy for the oils, etc. There's also a guy on ebay I deal with. He specializes in Abu & Shimano reels (big savings on Calcuttas, etc). Has the bearing upgrades & smoothie washers. I'll be happy to send you his email if you send me a PM. You could also compare prices on the bearings if you upgrade.
    Some reels you're not supposed to lubricate the drag washers. I think Abu says no ( baitcasters), while the Ahabs say use a teflon based grease on the cork drags (spinning reels)
    For power handles, call Abu at 1-877-777-3850 they are about $12.00 each.......
    Here's a link for smooth drags(click) where you can see how to install them ( you don't have to buy them there ;) ).........Jim :)
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  7. So Scott your saying that it would be better for the reg. fishing crowd to use the yellow rocket fuel?
  8. I haven't ever tried Rocket fuel before.

    I use Hot Sauce now, so is the consensus here that rocket fuel is better? :confused:
  9. I have never use either one. I just have been using the lubes the companys say in there instructions. But would like to try some others if they can improve my casting and distance.;)
  10. I can speak for hotsauce, Desperado. It's the best I've ever seen.

    I haven't used rocket fuel yet tho.
  11. You put that in all your reels or just baitcasters?
  12. oops

    I got it backwards....guess i should have put more thought in my last reply...The RED rocket fuel is better for REGULAR fishing needs..the YELLOW is's what HO says..
    "Yellow Formula is recommended for more experienced casters and/or those willing to maintain their reels a little more than required with the Red Label above, however it's a great oil for long distance fishing applications and still very durable. It may also be used on level wind parts but again, a little more maintenance may be required. ~ Watch out, this stuff's fast! ~ "

    RED fuel.."The Red Formula is a tad easier to control and will last a little longer than the Yellow or Tournament Formulas listed below. When used in conjunction with centrifugal brake blocks or magnetic controls it enables the caster to achieve great distance time after time without using the mechanical/end cap spool control on a totally free running reel. This is the one we recommend to slow down those reels that are a little unruly and for the less experienced caster in most fishing applications.'

    Tournament Rocket Fuel
    "CAUTION ~ ULTRA FAST!! ~ Designed for use with magnetically controlled reels in tournament casting applications for ULTIMATE DISTANCE! As an example, an extra bottle of this formula is supplied with the special limited edition Penn 525 TournaMag for you SPEED FREAKS out there! ~ YOU' VE BEEN WARNED! ~ NOT recommended for normal fishing applications. ~ "

    That should explain it all .
    I would say for someone just looking to upgrade to a better oil..stick with "Reel Lube" brand or Quantums "Hot Sauce".
    These oils above(Rocket Fuel) require a lot more maintence than most guys will ever do on thier reels to keep them in tip top shape!
    I use the Yellow & Red formulas on many of my reels depending on thier applications, i dont use the Tourny Fuel at this time...until i get a 6500 MAG. that i will be using for 4oz + lures for Hybrids below tailwaters where casting 150 yrds+ is needed.

    So to some up this discussion..better? well depends on what YOU want to get out of your reels?? If you just want your reels to perform better for regular fishing needs..stick with the other brands instead of Rocket if you fish a lot below tailwaters where you cast long distance a lot....the the Rocket Fuel will help you a LOT.
    I see it this way..i have a lot of money in my reel upgrades(bearing kits, ect.) i cant see using a stock oil on bearings that are way more high performance than stock ones and are designed for these type of oils and function much better with rocket fuel.
    On stock reels and bearings..stick with a slight upgraded oil...if not using rocket fuel would be like putting Turbo Blue gasoline(106+ oct.) in your lawn mower..waste of time and money!

    Again, this above is just MY own personal opinion.
  13. Thanks for the info on those lubes. I think I'm going to try the Quantums "Hot Sauce" and see how it works first before going to the high test of lubes. Can you order it from Fishermans and should I tell them Scott sent me for a discount.;)
  14. ok...

    to get an idea of how strong this Rocket Fuel is...this is what they recommend before applying it..first remove your bearings and clean with a good degreasing solvent.
    Let dry totally...apply ONE drop of Rocket fuel to each bearing...YES only ONE drop..thats how powerful this stuff this needs to be redone a lot more than a regular oils by far.
    Reel maint. is the key to these rocket fuels cause they are thin...if you have a reel thats hard to break down or f you have never broken your reel completly down might want to stick with easier oils.
  15. With the lube being so thin. How often do you need to open it up to maintain it?
  16. Desperado,

    sure wish i could get my friends discounts like i do at Fishermans..but you have to be a Fishermans Warehouse Pro Fishing Team member.;) :cool:
  17. I go down there quite a bit to get supplies. Just never inquired about the
  18. i maint.

    my reels about 2-3 times a month during prime hard fishing..i then tear down these reels with the rocket fuel if im fishing them a lot the same amount..2-3 times a month.
  19. I don't open them up that often.

    What kind of solvent do you use to clean out all the old lube??
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