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Good day doving with a bonus

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by Kaiser878, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Went to a field I scouted yesterday..Saw some doves while scouting but not huge numbers. We were not expecting a whole lot but when we got there and got set up there were more doves flying than I thought. We ended up with a two man limit and a bonus pigeon that was banded.:mischeif:
  2. Awesome bet your dog was lovin it

  3. Great....We just got back from a morning hunt, my son and I coolered 12, puts us an even 50 for the season. Without a doubt, the most dove we have got in all the seasons together.

    It helps we are seeing alot more dove then years past. Probly seen over 100 this morning, and we havnt seen less then that anytime out this year.

    This many shells werent really in the hunting budget, got to go buy more, I would like to think our shooting would be getting better,but......:whistle:
  4. Haven't got to go yet this season but seeing those post really got me itching to go now. I have noticed a lot more dove this year than years past. Good luck and nice pics

    Get em boy's