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Giving up grocery store meat.

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by danmerk23, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. So my wife and I have decided to give up on commercial meat and either eat what is left of a few cow pools we bought in on left in the freezer or eat only what I hunt. Our diets have been so terrible recently and we know we've taken advantage of modern day living. I've never taken down an animal so far but I've only been rabbit hunting and been out a few times for deer season with a gun. I spent several moments with my bow at the range this year and I think I am ready to go out this season for deer.

    I was really inspired by Steve Renella and only consuming meat I hunt. Anyone else do this?

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  2. Well, if you're only spending a few moments with your bow, don't count out McDonald's just yet.

  3. good plan...stuff in the store is pure poison...:D
  4. I don't know if I would go so far to say that I won't eatany commercial meat but we have limited what we eat to fish we catch meat we kill and beaf that we bought from the cow grower. Pork I would love to buy and butcher. We can our veg. but we still don't do as well as we would like. We are canning a couple 200 ears of corn this weekend and so tomatos and banana peppers.. My point is all we can do is better what we eat a little at a time. I still like Taco Bell. LOL

  5. LOL :yeahthat:
  6. I know several folks who only eat what they've killed/grown/raised. It's a great thing to want to do, but not as easy as it sounds. Good luck in your endeavor. The hungrier you get (for meat) the more likely you'll be successful.

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  7. Fresh steaks on the grill with a side of veggies & potato is the healthiest meal most of us eat. Soooo much food is processed, yellow cheese really isn't cheese, its oil. Chicken, eggs, & milk supposedly have additional hormones in them. Canned tuna really does contain mercury. Grilled salmon is very healthy(95% is farm raised, wild-caught is very expensive) If it tastes really good, most of the time its bad for you, or it just came out of the deep fryer(yes, i'm in the restaurant business). Meat is part of a healthy diet, just not something called a McRib? Beer is part of a healthy diet, i consider it an organic drink...of which i'm emptying my last bottle & going to bed. So remember, when ya take the missus out to eat, order steak or salmon with the veggie, & enjoy!!
  8. we do mostly, but hunting is more than shooting a bow for a little bit, getting close enough for a shot is very difficult as many of us know from experience.

    Ohio is also not a state that can provide enough meat for my large family which causes me to have to hunt out of state at a higher cost.

    Can be done and I think my kids are healthy because of the food I hunt and we raise.
  9. Your killing me here, LOL.:D

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  11. Yup, the wife insisted that we go to the Paleo (caveman) lifestyle and it was a fantastic decision, she is back under a size six and I've dropped 20+ pounds. We are very lucky to have the Westside Market up here in Cleveland and have really gotten to know the "good" vendors that sell only real organic fruit and veggies, grass-fed beef, and hormone/chemical free pork and chicken. The only draw back to the whole thing is no beer and pizza.
  12. Pizza is easy, I make my crust and sauce from scratch. Then just top it with what ever you have in the house. You could always get an "adult chemistry set" and brew your own beer.

    I love the Westside Market. I always make a stop when I'm in Cleveland.

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  13. We eat only a little grocery store meat. I raise pastured meat chickens that we butcher ourselves. Supplement that with deer, rabbit, wild turkey and squirrel. Every once in awhile I do buy pork chops. I do buy bacon too. Sometimes I just need to eat some beer brats. :) And just a couple days ago I bought a beef roast but I bet I only do that a couple times a year. With the chickens and the wild game, I doubt I would have to buy any grocery store meat for just the two of us, but a little pork and beef once in awhile adds some variety.
  14. miketruax

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    I raise all our own meat here at home cows pigs chickens turkeys and sheep. We also grow a 2 acre garden and the only thing we really buy at the store is some fresh produce (bananas and stuff that we can't grow) and beer. I also kill a few deer a year and we do all our own butchering except the pigs its a great way to live if you can swing it but its a lot more work than going to the grocery store once a week

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