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girl hunters

Discussion in 'Out of State Hunts' started by catchdog, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Didn't know where to start this thread , but because this pic is from out of state I just put it here . BS said how happy his little girl is to she girls hunting ,so I thought we could start a thread of pics of the ladies hunting . I will start it of with a pic of my daughter . If it gets going we can keep adding pics .
  2. My sister with her first deer

    ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1491176023.563002.jpg

  3. I love it! good thread! 4120-1.jpg these two help me set all the snares and check the line every day! it is hard to be scent free but we do well.
  4. p.s. catchdog, that's a monster hog!
  5. I'm going to like this thread. :D
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  7. Bluedog , join in with some pics

  8. this thread is awsome! keep em' coming!
  9. That's a big yote Kyle .

    got a pile of pigs a javelin and the wife with a big kudu there for ya .

    Keep them coming !!
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  10. Don't think the little 7mm08 is enough for the big stuff , think again . All these critters was one shot kills with a youth model 7 Rem in 7mm08 . [​IMG]
  11. Kyle , you little one in pink is built like my grand daughter . Great pics
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  12. she is solid! it's like lugging around cinderblocks...... that day we pulled doubles on racoons she decided she wanted to be carried, I had her and two very hardy coons, I got wore out walking back! ha ha ha! :D
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  13. 7mm is a great round! it's all about shot placement and your gals seem to have it down pat.
  14. I only have them shot it a couple times before a hunt so they don't get recoil shy from it . But I have a real good .22 sighted in at 100 yards that I just about make them sick of shooting before we go . They are both bolt action And because they don't get beat up before they don't even think about recoil when the game is in front of them . I got a pic of a springbuck my wife shot at 249 yards in 30 MPH winds .
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