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Ghost Bucks

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by Boone, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. I see mature Bucks from the beginning to the end of the season

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  2. I see mature bucks early on and numbers go down as the season goes on

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  3. I start seeing Mature Bucks around October

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  4. I start seeing mature Bucks in Novemeber and mainly during the rut

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  5. I normally don't start seeing mature Bucks until gun season

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  6. I start seeing mature Bucks at the end of the season more so than the beginning of the season

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  7. I never or very rarely see good mature Bucks

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  1. Ok guys, this is a little different poll.... kinda off the wall!:bouncy:, What time of the year do you see the mature bucks when you hunt???? Now i know some study and watch these particular deer 12 months out of the year, but some just go out find good sign and hunt this will fit everybody's agenda...this is not to shun anybody, just curious and trying to make new discussions. Thanks guys
  2. Being i'm from PA and mostly hunt Public Land, so I had to pick the last one, which is the most likely, but also due to my choice not being listed.

    I hardly ever see a mature one, but when I do it's seems to be the last week of Oct., when they first start covering ground and roaming. Which makes sense, as there aren't many good ones around and it takes some long range roaming to see one. To this date the best buck I ever witnessed in the woods was on Oct. 24th, and he was definitely roaming and on a mission. The last week of Oct. always seems the best if I'm going to see a mature one.