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Get togethers at gun shows

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by Catfish, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. For those of you that are wondering about this new forum and Steve`s post it was in responce to an E-mail from me suggesting that we might have a place to post get together at gun shows or similar places. I think that everyone useing this board is a sportsman and as such like to get to gether with others of similar intrest and meet the people that they talk to on these forums. For that reason I ask Steve for this forum. I think that it will help alot of us get together and meet the friends we meet on line.
    The only Gun Show that I might go to this year yet is the Hillard Show on the 28 and 29 of Dec., I maybe deer hunting then also, but if anuone is going to be there for sure set a time a place for us to meet and then all that are at the show can meet the other posters.
    I will be at the Lima gun show on Sat. Jan. 5 and will be at the lunch stand at 11am and hope to see several others of you there also. Buck run and myself got togheter at the last Lima show and found out that we have alot in common. I hope to see alot of you there.
    I would like to thank Steve again for this forum and hope that it is used for it`s intended perpous of helping the board members get together and meet each other. If you have gun to sell take them to the show but please don`t mention them here. Steve has a great board started and is a great host and his wishes should be honored.
    I hope to meet alot of you at Lima, and urge those of you that go to gun shows to post where and when you will be there so that maybe we can all meet each other at one place or another.
  2. Hey Catfish,
    Glad to hear there is someone who gets excited about gunshows as I do. The Niles gunshow is at the Eastwood Mall. They have an Expo center there and the show is in it. Its on rte. 46 just off of rte. 82 on the right hand side. It is a seperate building not attached to the mall. There are usually about 350 tables there. I ususally get my reloading stuff so I don't have to pay shipping. I have never been to the Lima show could you tell me what its like. I can't go on sat. though because I have to work so I go on sunday.
    Go to this website, They are having a gun auction in Feb that usually has 300-350 guns of all types. Its a lot of fun.
    One more thing, why are you called Catfish? Is it because you like fishing for catfish. Thats my favorite thing to do in the summer,besides shoot.
    Let me know if you need anymore info.
    Matt Adams

  3. Matt,
    Yea, I do like going to gun shows. Just found out that the Dayton show is this weeked also. It`s not one of my favorites, but I have found several bargins there and it`s close so I guess I`ll go down there and pick up some .223 brass and what ever else I can find cheap.:D
    I used to do alot of catfishing, but that`s not where I got my handle. When I went to work for D&M I had a handle bar that measured 21 or 22 in. from tip to tip. That was when Catfish Hunter was one of the top pitchers and that got hung on me there and more people knew me by that than knew my real name.
  4. Hey guys I decided to check out this section on the spur of the moment and I am glad I did for a couple reasons, #1 is that I would like to get together with some people from the board that share the same interest as me ie rifles, varmint hunting etc, #2 is that I live right around the corner literally from the Franklin County fairgrounds where they have the Hilliard Gun Show at and had been strongly considering going this weekend, but I was unaware that they were putting on a show in Dayton as well, this means the show in Hilliard more than likely wont be worth a hoot, most all of the dealers will be in Dayton, I have been to the Hilliard show before when they had a show in Dayton and they were lucky to fill 1 building, it made parking easy though:p does anybody know when the next show will be in Hilliard?
  5. Smallie,
    The next show in Hillard is this weekend, the 28th and 29 th. , the Dayton show was last weekend. If I get a deer befor I`ll probibly be there Sat., if not I might try to get over Sun. Post when you`ll be there and where and the rest of the guys that make it over can get together.
  6. Oh I thought somebody said the show in Dayton was this weekend, my mistake, I am considering going this weekend but cant really commit for sure right now, it makes sense though that the guys that put on the Hilliard show wouldnt make the mistake again of putting it on the same weekend as the Dayton show, does anyone plan on being at the Hilliard show for sure this weekend?