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Generator help

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by Caribou Dreamer2, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Ok guys you all know that i'm working on lights for my boat, now it generator time i went to mudsharkarchery and check out some of the guys boats there and there are some awesome looking one there but was wondering why you guys put the generator inside a box is it just to keep the noise level down or does it help with vibration.Vibration what do you guys do to keep the vibration down on the boat do you pad the generator some how.Also saw that some of you guys are using plus(GFI) to plug in all your light does this plug outlet have to be grounded if what do you ground it?Thanks i sure i will have more when this project gets under way.
  2. The boxes are to cut down on noise....The only thing ya gotta be careful of is keeping enough airflow too cool the genny...As far as vibration alot of gennys have rubber vibration blocks tween the engine and frame....For those that don't you can put a rubber pad underneath or mount the genny on rubber blocks to reduce vibration....

  3. Thanks jake will work on something.I only have a 14 footer so weight is going to be my biggest problem,Somday i will buy a new one.
  4. Generator

    Are you going to be keeping your 14 footer for a while?If you are you can get away with buying a smaller gen. and running the high output 350 watt bulbs. Depending on how much money you are going to want to spend you could either run four or six lights. Buy useing the 350's you can get away with buying a lot smaller gen. and this will save you a considerable amount of money.
    When you do get your gen. boxing it in is a good idea.I t makes a diiference with the noise level.(Espeicially on a smaller boat).And like Jake said you need to add a fan to the front of the box to draw air in to cool the motor.It dosen't hurt to either to leave the back of the box open or add a fan to draw the hot air out..

    Hope this helps..
  5. Jake, those vibration block between the motor and frame your talking about. Do you have to add those or do they come with the generator? If so where do you buy them and the mat to put down?
  6. Thanks for the replys guys,AS much as i like to the old carp buster will be around for awhile longer,after looking at some of the boats on mudshark they sure are getting the wheels turning though.I was thinking about running four flood lights not sure what wattage yet on the front of the boat,and was looking at the coleman sport 1850+ generator from cabelas at 1500 watts ,Is that a good generator i liked it because of the size and weight,Plus i think this one is already in a box(maybe)might not have to put it in a box and it says it supposed to be quiet. Have any one of you guys had any experience with this generator,Also do you think i could run 6 flood light off this generator if i wanted to.
  7. To run six lights off that generator they will have to be low wattage ones.So you don't overload it.;)
  8. Thanks desperado i think i will be going with 4, 300 watt flood lamps that will give me what i 'm wanting i think.Untill when i get out and decide i need more power.Now its off to lowes.Will keep you posted on how its going.
  9. Keep me posted. Like to hook up and see how your doing it to your boat.
  10. Good luck....If you've got any questions keep em coming...Trust me , once ya shoot at night you'll see how much better it is...I still go during the day but night time opens up alot of time to shoot, espially during the week when most of us a tied up during the day with work.
    Where are you from again? If its not to far from Dayton I'd be glad to give ya a hand with some riggin...
  11. we live up at idian lake just south of lima
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