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Geez .. whata weekend for the Icers!

Discussion in 'Ice Fishing Ohio' started by Erie, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. .. I just went over the reports on different MBs from across the Ohio Ice Scene & this cold/windy weekend really Sucked Big-time State-wide except for one Angler that scored on Buckeye Lake & a few farm pond reports ....

    Well, over the years I've learned mid-season ice fishin' is a lil' on the finesse side with lower oxygen levels & the locating of active fish .. but last weekends conditions were way too Brutal for the old fart to even think about goin' out ~ I'm a-gettin' the itch again, but waitin' on lil' higher temps & less wind to put my time in;)

    Hang a Hog!
  2. We're running into the same problems up here in Michigan. The deep freeze has created some great ice but the fish are lethargic. What started out as a great bite has really slowed down. If we start seeing some warmer temps (high 20's to low 30's) it should turn on again and be more comfortable for the fishermen.

  3. buckeye

    saugeyes with a few cats mixed in.
  4. reeallyyyyy:cool: with the next few deep freeze days we're getting ready to have, the ice should thicken up even more!
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