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GEEKED for the Youth Hunt!

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Blueump, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Over the past 5 years my hunting focus has completely changed from focusing on myself to focusing on my grandkids:

    We have been totally stoked about the youth turkey hunt since last fall's deer season. The deer youth hunt was tough and not a good one for us (on public land) but we watched turkeys multiple times each day. We've been dreaming and waiting for this weekend ever since! I'll have my 12 year old grandson out on Saturday morning! Good Luck all! Remember, it's not about the harvest, it's about making some awesome memories!
  2. I was told Sunday I will have 2 youth hunters this week end I am ready to see them shoot one in the face

  3. hoping to get out and film my buddies youngest last youth hunt on sun.
  4. Yes dude, in these days hunting is totally changed. Next week my uncle is coming to our farm house and we plan hunting with new youth hunters. I am also going with her so I collect latest x-bolt version gun with best choke tubes. I wish you will enjoy with your grandson and make your day.
  5. Your blessed Bill to be able to take all those kids hunting all the time!!! They will remember those lessons for the rest of their lives, and hopefully they will stick with the sport!!! The youth hunters are the future of our sport!!
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  6. Both of these youth have gotten deer now and they really want a turkey I have had them both out for turkey in the past just were not able to get a shot Hopefully this year they will fill a tag
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  7. ImageUploadedByOhub Campfire1492803700.867265.jpg

    We busted out of school as soon as the bell rang and started our drive south! It's a long drive but he'll sleep most of the way. At least one of us will be alert for the hunt tomorrow morning. Good luck all! Make awesome memories!
  8. Best of luck to the young man.
  9. Good luck to all of the youngsters this weekend. Kalyn has decided to leave the blind at home this year and work on controlling her movement. I much prefer hunting without a blind but it's her hunt so it was her call we are both ready for tomorrow.
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  10. My nephew and I watched one fly up to the roost tonight. I have high hopes in the morning, the bird was on the edge of a field, my only concern is bumping them in the morning going in. I plan to arrive early. I need to setup a blind, he is a jumpy little guy or else we would be on the ground.