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Gee they keep saying things don't leak...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Wildman18, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. I put a windmill in my backyard and a set of solar panels on my roof if that makes you feel better. The birds sure seem to be mad about the windmill.

  2. As is the norm these days, all events are open to be used, in some spun fashion, for a greater purpose than reckoned at first glance.
    Interpretation of all aspects involved being.... free-range and apparently, fair game.

    As this pollution(an accurate word) incident involved pipeline construction, they were probably wisely drilling at shallow depths under a wetland or water source.
    If so, the wording of "horizontal drilling", while accurate, was likely first chosen to imply the horrors imagined from the Marcellus/Utica play and hydraulic fracturing more than that accuracy....same for the use of "drilling fluids" and, especially, the inclusion of the word "fraking" into the report.....or "leak" :). a common tactic employed by folks on every side of every issue.

    Naturally, no one wishes for such an incident but I suspect the same could occur, and has, were the pipeline being constructed to supply water to an orphanage or a hospital....or a couple dozen other equivalent positives in an ever-growing, ever-hungry society.
    Supply and transport woes reaching far past pipelines as well, of course.

    What I question, beyond the professionalism of the pipeline contractors and the on-site state/federal regulatory agencies, is why there are not more environmentally-friendly drilling fluids for such projects, as our society continually demands the supply and transport of ever-more ...stuff.
    While any fluid or mud, environmentally-friendly or not, would never be a positive for a wetland, one would think that this incident is neither a first nor an event w/o a plan of worst case.
    Surely dem boys know there are some folks just waiting to put a pin thru their abdomen and crank up the microscope to high.

    Just a shame when spills such as this, or any negative event, rises to the point of being used as agenda fodder rather than being used for alert, learning, a safer future and addressing weaknesses in a system that society will never stop needing and...employing.

    Beyond that, folks eventually get trap-shy and seldom return to the same old, same old.
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  3. Most likely what was released was bentonite/water which is a naturally occurring Clay that helps move the drilling particles out of the hole and lubricates the drill bit. I think the most commonly known use is for women's makeup. The biggest fear with a release would be to reduce oxygen in streams that would harm aquatic life. Once the particles settle then they are not harmful.
  4. Sedimentation is one of the biggest threats to freshwater systems world wide. Sedimentation results in a reduction in benthic invertebrate diversity and abundance. But I get what your saying.
  5. I just seen the link and figured it was in some you guys back yards.. I don't know all the lingo and I know the site maybe a little liberal but how ever you look at it a lot of crap leaked.. some can down play it others will escalate it... I figure it's somewhere in the middle which I'm sure isn't good.