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Future deer hunter!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by scoutdad57, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. My daughter recently gave me the best gift a guy can get - a grandson, and hopefully a future deer hunter!

  2. Congrats. Grand babies are great. I have 3

  3. Darron B

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    Nice! I'll be adding to the family here in about 2 weeks myself. Our first....a little girl. Hopefully I can pull her away from the malls and shopping LOL.

    once again congrats!
  4. The wife is on the baby train right now. I just dont think Im ready yet.


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  5. My daughter gave me the same present almost 3 years ago. My grandson will be 3 at the end of the month, and I can't wait to take him hunting when he gets a little older. The one thing, I really miss seeing him cause they live about 8 hours away, they lived up here for awhile & man did Grandma spoil him, but he is still his pappy's boy.;)

    Congratulations on your addition to the family !!
  6. Congrats!!! My 22month-old just pressed the START button on the computer & now i'm typing all over again! Wish i'd had kids a couple decades+ ago just to have grand-kids sooner, (i'm 46 and mostly a stay at home dad,,,just-a-changing diapers) Have had the opportunity to help bring kids out in the field, even my buddy(a-Grampa) has nephews dropped off at his house to go down south to deer camp...Just hope my daughter(6) keeps on saying she wants to go!! least she likes pullin' arrows out the target!!!
  7. Dads -

    What are some obstacles you have to deal with as a new father? Any advice for fathers to be? What are some things you realize after having a child that you wish youd have realized or prepared for prior to the little one being born?

    My wife is starting to talk about wanting to start trying for our first, and to be honest, I am scared sh**less. I just dont know if I am ready for that kind of change in my life yet.

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  8. :yikes::yikes::yikes:Great post; Just pray to God that you will be able to conceive, and have healthy children; By the way, check that your health insurance covers child-birth, and not just "emergency C-sections" Found that out the hard way$$$$$ when my second was born(a boy!!) It helps to have the grandparents living close by!! You will have fun when she says: I'M READY NOW!!! (it beats going to the fertility doctor) No pun intended......
  9. It is definitely scary but it's a change that's worth it. Not a better or more proud feeling than to hold your child for the first time. My son just turned 9 on Sunday and is turning into a fine young man and sportsman who loves the outdoors. And I've got to brag a little about him, he's killed 14 squirrels so far this year with a 22.and loves to deer and turkey hunt.

    My little girl just turned 3 in July and will go with us on her first squirrel hunt this weekend and I can't wait.

    Very proud of my kids. Makes life alot more stressful but it's worth every minute.

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  10. How do you deal with the idea of raising a child in these times? I mean, things are nuts out there. I dont know if they are any worse than 25 years ago, or just made more apparent through news and technology, but its overwhelming to think about for me.

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  12. As for my wife and I, we just do the best we can. We try to teach them the same values that our parents taught us. Just try to show them right from wrong and to teach them that there is still good in the world. It's not always easy but you just try to teach them to work hard and try to make a difference. That's about all you can do as a parent and hope that they take what you have taught them and pass it on to their kids.

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