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I shared a serious tale in another thread now I will lighten it up a little with a funny adventure that I had with my pal. Please share yours if you have any.

I have numerous stories with my best friend over the past 20 years and he is truly a great friend. But we always ended up in some sort of mess almost anytime we would hunt or fish together but one of the funniest trips was to a place called Peabody in Western Kentucky where I lived for a couple of years. This place is huge beyond belief and we actually have video of over 400 birds in a single 40 acre field prior to season with over 50 Toms strutting as well. The first year we scored and learned a lot about the property and found that there were insane numbers of birds on the other side of a small river. So being the ******** that we are we devised a plan to get to those birds the next year. The property was land locked from the road by a Coal stripping operation with huge NO TRESPASSING signs all along the road. Prior to the second season I scouted the property before he arrived purchased an inflatable 2 man raft "BRIGHT YELLOW" and got my ropes ready. The first morning we had about a 5 mile hike back to the river so I broke out Big Red my 1984 Honda Three wheeler with the racks and his boy jumped on the front rack and he jumped on the back rack with that big yellow raft held about his head and away we rolled. There was one spot on the trail that had a big drop off and he would have to get off the bike and walk about 100 yards, unfortunately there was 2 hunters standing on that spot that had rode their bikes in man they were HOT and lite into him calling him everything that somebody could imagine and the one comment that really upset him was "Have you ever Turkey Hunted before?". At that time we were well over 20 kills between the two of us so we felt we were considered accomplished Turkey Hunters. At the bottom of the hill he lite into me for leaving him which I deserved I needed my butt stumped for leaving him there I just never thought that they would behave the way they did. We got our boat launched and got across the river and even before light as we were trying to get to the open field and had to walk through about 300 yards of woods we were bumping flocks of birds roosted in trees as low as 10 to 20 foot off the ground. I had died and walked into Turkey heaven we had birds all over us. I saw my bird in late morning strutting 3/4s the way up a hill and he wouldn't come to the call. My buddy and his boy heard a bird sound off behind us and decided to go after him, but not me I wanted this bird that was just too wise to come in I had to outwit him. I told my buddy that I was going to sneak up and kill that bird (at least 200 yards from any cover at all other than a high grass about a foot high) and he gave me the look that I was crazy. I put my thin butt (grass would have to be 3 foot high for my big butt now) into stealth mode and moved to the blind side of the hill and belly crawled up to within 20 yards of this bird. I stopped when I heard him puff up into strut and as I watched him through the grass when he turned away showing me the old brown eye I raised up and his hen took off and he peaked around his tail feathers as if to say "Who Dares" and I turned him into a convertible (27 pounds with 1 ½ spurs and 10 ½ inch beard). The wood line erupted with hoots and yells as my buddy watched with his son. I moved into a new class of Turkey Hunters, How many can say they have ever stalked a Tom in an open field and was successful. On the way out we fired up another bird and in a quick set up he busted a 30 pounder (a really nice bird for Western KY). We were walking on cloud nine all the way to Big Red. The 3 of us rode out with our heads held high and when we got back to the truck there stood those 2 boys from the morning with their guns leaning up against the fender talking with another hunter telling him about the meat heads they had encountered that morning as the other guy told us later. As we held our birds up asking if they were Toms or Hens and if they were too small they jumped into their truck and took off dragging the beads of their shotguns down the side of their truck. Not a good day for them. I am grateful to my buddy and really enjoyed our hunts together I just think that we may be too old and fat to get into as much trouble anymore.
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