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I got two with my friends 22 air rifle, he got three. We cheated, and sat at his picnic table. He lives way out in the middle of nowhere. Bunny's everywhere!! I really like his air rifle. I couldn't afford the one he has. He shoots in competition matches. My shoulder is a mess, I tried a 20 gauge and it still beat me up.
I am going to start using my old Springfield bolt action single shot.
I can't remember the last time we we chased rabbits. We used just sit tight and throw a fist sized rock into a thicket or wood pile. Worked pretty darn good for a couple of guys without a dog.
We did something similar to that for Grouse, sneak in and be quite, then throw a small stone. They would start bobbing their head and then get spooked and fly, Bingo!
We only hunted Pheasant when there was snow on the ground, we would just follow their tracks in the snow. Always worked out for us.
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