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From MI

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Firearms' started by junkman, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Can you use handguns in Ohio for deer? If so what cal?
  2. Yep sure can 44/45/357 and I don't know. Has to have atleast a 6 inch barrel. I recommend if u are planing to hunt here get a regulations book and READ it befor u hunt that is if u can read being from Michigan!!!! LOL jk

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  3. Straight wall cartridges ...minimum. 357?...:D
  4. Handgun - with 5-inch minimum length barrel, using straight-walled cartridges .357 caliber or larger.

    This was taken off of page 9 in the regs.
  5. I would suggest you read up on Ohio conceal carry laws too. along with transporting a pistol in a car.

    Also, you may not carry two firearms when deer hunting. and a conceal carry weapon may NOT be used for hunting.
  6. you can, but unless you shoot a handgun better than I do you may as well just shoot a bow. lol
  7. A friend has a deer path that he stakes out every year with his .357 revolver. He sets up just before sundown and drops a yearling doe within an hour as a local group routinely head for a nearby pond before settling down for the night.

    And the corn fed deer here in Ohio are delicious...
  8. [​IMG]Would something like this be allowed?It's a fifty cal. muzzle loader with a 12 inch barrel.
  9. Just answered my own question.Looking at the regs it states no muzzle loadin hand guns.:tsk:
  10. Get a .50 S&W Mag barrel. That round will stop a deer. If you can swap barrels.
  11. Nope just astraight up muzzle loader.It is an old Knight disc that has been cut down to a hand gun.Although my my magnum research BFR in .45-70 is perfectly legal.
  12. The S&W .500 mag is an outstanding round along with their .460 Mag. Two stoppers for sure. S&W makes the 460 Magnum in several configurations for hunting. Along with a good handgun scope and mounts, makes these guns a real deer hunting standout.

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  13. Ever shoot it over a chrony?
  14. No never I haven't had a chance to shoot thruogh a chrony yet.
  15. [​IMG]I'm willing to bet the one on top is more than legal.:whistle: