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Friendly competition

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Big Game, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. I am actaully from Michigan and post on MS but was just thinking that it would be a cool idea to have a little friendly competition between the two sites. I was thinking maybe during fishing season we could compete to see who caught the biggest fish. We would have to have some way to verify it of course, maybe have somebody that's neutral verify that it is a legal catch and maybe have some weight records of some type sent to this person. Maybe during deer season we could also do something similar. Just a thought and maybe it wouldn't work out. I just thought maybe it would offer some interaction between the two sites.
  2. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    That sounds like a great idea. We plan on offering the same Photo Gallery software on this site as we have at michigan-sportsman so we could post the pictures there.

  3. Ohio vs Michigan

    That sounds like a great idea.But just like the BUCKEYES beat your TEAM, I have now doubt us Ohio guys will win.
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  4. Steve

    Steve Staff Member Admin Mod

    Them are fighting words :)
  5. That's kind of what I thought about as far as the sports teams always going at each other. Maybe this will be a chance to get even with some of you guys a little farther south.

    Let the games begin.
  6. LOL...I like the friendly banter for sure. However this poor soul quit watching any sports on tv cept for hunting and fishing a few years ago. But the biggest fish sounds like fun.:cool:

    I did kill a small doe early in archery season. Had to brush the spots off of it to take the pic. How about one for the smallest game or fish also?:D
  7. Or maybe see who can tell the biggest lies!;)
  8. Hey Nut,
    When I took my doe to be processed, there was this carcass hanging there, and I thought it was a small goat, or a small German Shepard handing in there. I know I got a nice doe, but man she looked like a 10 pointer hanging next to this little thing. Must have been a Michigan deer.
  9. LOL Mal:cool: I wonder why them Michigan deer wonder down to where the real hunters are.:D
  10. why wait til spring?

    The steelies are in! Let the games begin:)
  11. Well, even if there was some sort of contest, the ohio anglers/hunters would win for sure :D Oh, by the way....GO BUCKS! Jan. 3 will be the greatest day in buckeye history!
  12. Hey tpet96/Shawn ~


    .. do ya think da "Wimperine Killer" can do it one more time against da Hurry-Canes ?? :rolleyes: ;) :p


    :p :p
  13. Down with the orange and green! Clarett will step up to the challenge, and the buckeye defense will stop the Miami running game. Tressel is holding the bucks back, and has something up his sleeve. I think the canes are going to be taking the evacuation route back to Miami, cause the buckeye train is coming back to town with the big trophy!
  14. of course they will I love the fact that they are 13 point underdogs. Heck make it 20. All it is doing is pissing off the Buckeyes, and making Miami overconfident. I am so tired of people knocking the Buckeyes, and not giving them the credit they deserve. Do you realize there are 7 teams from the big 10 in bowls this year?
  15. I'm in on the friendly competition. Seeing that the Suckeyes just barely made it pass all the teams this year. This should be fun.
  16. I'm going to love this. Having some people from the Great State of Michigan here to back me up now. :D

    Can't wait for Miami to win by 20-some points. :p
  17. I hear ya, I'll meet ya both here after the game on the 3rd so I can hear you say you were wrong. If Miami should get lucky I will be more than happy to go on line and eat crow. I say this cause I won't have to.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  18. If OSU wins then I'll give them credit. ;)
  19. GOOOOO BUCKS!!!!! When i checked in my 7 pointer this year, there was a guy that brought a michigan deer in to get weighed 78 lbs..........:rolleyes: My Black lab is bigger then
  20. 78#'s? That's not very much meat. Why bother?