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Fresh scrapes!!!!!

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by rack addict, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Went up this weekend to hang some stands and check cams,WOW at the fresh scrapes we saw,have seen more this year than all of last.On 1perticular oak flat. there was a scrape on every little beech tree that had a over hangin branch for about about 100yds stretch.That will get get your blood pumping for sure.I am going to loose some sleep the next 2wks thinking about it.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Scrapes or rubs? I have found a few rubs, no scrapes yet.

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  3. Scrapes, he opened up some that i know for sure was there last year.He only broke a couple of branches off out of all the ones he made,but he made several in that 1 area.I think these cool mornings has got him fired up more than it does me.
  4. Probly just some young ones messing around. I've actually seen does make them early in season.

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  5. I sat in my stand a couple years ago and watched a doe work a scrape. I thought it was a button, cause it was about 30 yards out, but when she was done, she walked directly beneath me and I figured out it was a she. Kind of surprised me, but I guess you just never know.

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  6. On one large opening in our hunting area I see a lot of s scrapes along with rubs a obout this time of year ...prolly just lil unz..:D.
  7. mrex

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    Scraping is a learned behavior. Although they scrape all year, it has been my experience that the clusters made under sapling beech trees on oak flats this time of year are made by mature bucks or veterans of the process.
  8. Good to know Mrex... Is that because the oaks/acorns are the food source and the Dom. Bucks are marking there "turf"?
  9. I've been seeing lots of good rubs and a few scrapes with broken branches. I even saw some deer fighting last week! It didn't look like they were just messing around either. They were getting into it. Not sure, but maybe the pre-rut is coming in. All of the signs I've seen have been hinting to it.
  10. Saw some scrapes while in Athens sat checking cams.
  11. Went this morning and set 3 Cuuddy Back cams on the oak flat where all those scrapes are that i posted about, we will find out if it is a Lil one or what.There is some pretty big rubs on the same flat to be a small buck.So im excited to see what picts we get in the next 8 or 10 days.:thumbs_up:
  12. went out today in shawnee. lots of fresh rubs and a few scrapes. activity is picking up a bit. cold weather might cause them to go crazy early? (compared to last year?)
  13. we seen a lot of fresh scrapes and rubs from over 8 hours of scouting yesterday...acorns are for the scrapes it is very consistant each year...mid sept...also same for rubs and in same areas year after yr...this year i'm seeing it where theres usually none...leaving me to think deer numbers might be slightly up here...
    my belief is this is mostly young stupid bucks doing this,they are now cruising all over the woods and our early camps see lots of lil guys snooping around thru the woods all day...i believe the big boys are moving some too but in heavier stuff anf less likely to be seen...but the lil bucks will be out in the fact i see lots more lil bucks than anythang in the early weekend hunts...doe are not running all over the woods but in their same pattern staying on their preferred trail and in their lil actually seems like theres lots more bucks out there when thats not the case...the good thing is thangs will change drastically in a month...we also found rub lines as well as scrape lines...along trails and gas well roads.i hate to think how many rubs and scrapes there are out there...we were in a lot of woods but still a small part of our area...its definately in the high hundreds and prolly better than a thousand...sounds like a lot but its also a lot of woods...right now all it tells me is theres deer to be had in the woods...:Doh an i've been seeing more turks and more often...
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  14. Great reports guys!

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  15. Went squirrle.huntin today and seen three fresh scrapes. Also seen a fork horn chasin a doe

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  16. Bucks always do this when they come out of velvet. Huge increase of testosterone. They are ready. Amount of daylight always controls the rut.
  17. We checked cams today on the oak flat that i started this post about and had 4 differant bucks and numerous does,We have 1 big mature 10pnt ,2 smaller 8pnts and a fork horn all in the same scrape.i will try to post the pict of the 10pnt if i can figure it out .:thumbs_up:
  18. I agree with this guy. I saw a small 8 point following a doe around last night at work. Wouldn't leave her side but the little guys just are a little anxious is all.

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