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Free Fantasy Football Players Needed !!

Discussion in 'Ohio Sports Talk' started by alpine5575, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. I started one of the free fantasy football teams on CBS Sportsline and was hoping to get a group from this site to play, its all for fun no money involved ( I stink most years, so I always play the free games ) All that you have to do is register at cbs sportsline and create a team , search for the team called Ohio Hunters and enter your team in that league. It is automatic draft, and will start on 9-8-2012. That will give us time to set players for sundays games. Anybody have any questions Pm me and I will try to answer. Hope to see some people from this site on there come saturday.

    Thanks Mike, AKa Alpine

    Ps If you join the league please let me know what your team name is, as I set this as a public league, meaning anybody outside of this site can also join, need 11 more players including myself.
  2. There is a game Thursday night fyi

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  3. Yea, the game is tomorrow night ( Wednesday ), figured it would be hard to get 11 more teams together by tomorrow, guess I should have tried last week. People who end up with players from the Cowboys and Giants will have to set them on the bench for the first week, still will have all your players available for Sunday and Mondays games.
  4. We have time this year to actually have a league. Do we have 11 guys that would like play for the crown of ohio sportsman fantasy football champion? ? If I get some response ill set up a league.

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  5. Count me in, just let me know when.
  6. I'm in. Have not plate in years.
  7. never played fantasy but I'll give it a try.....I usually just play in pick em leagues.
  8. We going to get this setup this year,:thumbs_up: we need to act soon though ??:bouncy:
  9. Hell I'm in. I love me some fantasy football

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  10. Ok fellow Ohio sportsman forum members, I figured we better get this going if we are going to have a league. Anybody wanting to sign up go to and go to the free fantasy football signups the team name is Ohio Sportsmans Forum, the league is private so the password is bigbucksgoingdown. I set it for live draft this coming Sunday sept 1st at 4pm. I know if you can't be there if you rank your players, it will automatically pick them for you when your turn comes up. Anybody have any questions send me a PM and I will get back as soon as I can. Lets get this going this year so we can crown a Ohio Sportsmans Forum Fantasy Football Champ.
  11. Tells me the password is incorrect

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  12. I'll give it a shot!

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  13. I kind of ran into the same issue... I got the auto e-mail invite but having an issue with it when I click on the OSforum team.

    I'm in one league through CBS
  14. Yes I got the same invalid password response.

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  15. If it still doesn't work today, I will set up a new one when I get home and on my computer. I'm not sure why it's not working though.

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  16. Still gives an error. Sorry for the hassle.
  17. Ok, sorry guys not sure why it will not work. Lets try this again go to create your team then join the private league called ohio sportsman the password is herewego , if this doesn't work somebody else will have to set it up cause I have no clue what's wrong. The draft is set same as I posted before for Sept 1 at 4pm live draft, don't forget to rank your players. Sorry for the confusion, hope this works :irked:
  18. Works. Thanks for setting it up.
  19. +1
  20. I am trying But I must be doing something wrong..

    Step by step Please.... For I am a little slow or something..