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Fracking allowed in Wayne National Forest

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by silentbutdeadly, Sep 8, 2012.


    I grew up in the ANF in Pennsylvania where fracking has been common in the last few years. Not only are the woods littered with wells and roads anywhere you go, I have heard of many situations of people's springs and wells becoming permanently contaminated by the chemicals forced into the ground during the fracking process. I like the idea of securing our own natural resources below our feet, but using the current methods, there is a huge price to pay.

  2. Heard many of the stories...a far cry from knowing the facts.

    Yes the put im roads and wells..just as the gas companies did years ago and hunters raised he'll about the access toads and the green wells ruining the land.

    Billions to our enemies and a stagnant economy or use our own resources? That's a non decision in my book

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  3. So if your home was near a well site, you'd be ok with your spring or well being contaminated?
  4. It sounds to me like Bigal either works for someone benifiting from this or he is OK with the above. Which would mean that he cares little for other people and as long as it isn't in his backyard he is cool with it..

    Either way I do not agree with his nieve and ignorant commits.

    "Heard many of the stories...a far cry from knowing the facts."

    Here are some facts....
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  5. the gas well access roads are very helpful to hunting the wnf,most have been abandonded but still are great for foot travel...they are also very visable on the wnf topo...the abandoned gas well sites hurt nothing in the scheme of the big woods...most have had the equipment removed and appears as a small grassy opening in the middle of the for fracking i dont really understand it but most i have heard isnt good but i wont know til its been done...the gas wells havent hurt anythang...:D
  6. Here are a few accidents that have happened. Click on the state of Pa.

    All facts!!!

    Coon this is all you need to read to find out that it is bad.

    In the United States hydraulic fracturing areas at least 36 cases of groundwater contamination due to hydraulic fracturing have been suspected and in several cases EPA has determined that hydraulic fracturing was likely the source of the contamination.


    A study by Cabot Oil and Gas examined the Duke study using a larger sample size, found that methane concentrations were related to topography, with the highest readings found in low-lying areas, rather than related to distance from gas production areas. Using a more precise isotopic analysis, they showed that the methane found in the water wells came from both the Marcellus Shale (Middle Devonian) where hydraulic fracturing occurred.

    More even local

    January, 2012: Two homes in Granger County have been deemed a public health threat by a federal health agency because of potentially explosive levels of natural gas in their drinking water. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry stated that the problems with the wells originated from the nearby drilling of two gas wells. Levels of “explosivity” are considered hazardous when they exceed 10%: the wells of the two homes were at 34.7% and 47.4%. The high gas levels inside and nearby the house led Columbia Gas to shut off services for a period of time because of the likelihood of an explosion. The federal level of explosivity is 1%, and inside one of the houses measured an alarming 20%.

    Source: “Three years after drilling, feds say natural gas in Medina County well water is potentially explosive.” Bob Downing. Beacon Journal. January 17, 2012.

    More local fracting problems!

    In December 2007, a home exploded in the small town of Bainbridge, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Methane entered nearby water wells and the basement of Richard and Thelma Payne's home where it was ignited by a spark.

    The Ohio Department of Natural Resources later issued a 153-page report that determined a nearby gas well's faulty cement casing and hydraulic fracturing pushed methane into an aquifer and caused the explosion.

    In October 2008, the home of Irvin and Joanne Mesmer filled with a dangerously high level of methane gas, which had seeped into their water well. An explosion was narrowly averted after the fire department responded and vented the home.

    In total, 46 water wells in the area are contaminated by methane gas that leaked from an Ohio Valley Gas Company well into the aquifer.

    Many homes now use bottled water.

    So Bigal are my fact correct? I think so. "That's a non decision in my book" Not to frack in Ohio...Or in the US!!!! It's like cutting your nose off to despit your fact..
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  7. i'm not for fracking...kinda sounds like athens doan have enough to take a chance...mannnn...people will do anythang for money even when they know it could ruin the water...youve seen what mining did to the streams in southern ohio...maybe these suckers oughta have to drink that water...:D
  8. One of the things that a planet has to have for life is water. When we sent our droid to mars our main reason was to see if it had or has water which would mean it may have had life. We destroy our water with toxins. If you read what Ohio recomends on eating fish, it is once a week for Pan fish and bass, and any fish that is an older fish like catfish and others a like is once a month due to toxic levels in our water.

    Yes, I know of quite a few streams that are still orange from the acid mine run off.

    Bigal I am not buying what you are selling...
  9. As to my "situation" I do indeed own and live on land,with a well, and the little darby in my back acreage as well as a pond I fish in my front acreage

    No I don't benefit a dime from natural gas.

    Can you find failures in any technology..yes. go look up the kerosene days..they had a horrible by product problem that kept exploding and was horribly now call it gasoline.

    I hear all the may sayers..what I don't hear is your alternative? Mine coal? Runoff..I know I grew up in pa with orange streams..that now run clear
    .ill provide u pictures if u like.
    The comemaugh river in Johnstown pa.

    Perhaps windmills..t boon pickets has multiple millions he invested in hed love to sell you..
    Perhaps solar..check your solindra "stock" lol

    I guess we'll drill oil
    .oh that's right we can't..forget the chinese are drilling off cuba..goodness knows THEY wouldn't f up and polite florida..

    Nope we'll STAY beholding to the middle east and plug our elect cars into corn fields..whoops.
    Bad year fie prices skyrocket..and the volt plant is shut down

    But good god let's not get independent

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  10. How's this for a laugh? I have a friend who considers himself a Liberterian. As such, he believes that companies should have the complete freedom to do whatever it is they wish to, without government intrusion or restriction and the public will vote with their dollars on whether they support those endeavors. A free market to the bitter end. We had it out over fracking/drilling once and he basically said, natural resources be damned, quit regulating corporate America.

    That kind of mindset makes me nauseous. And I'm not even a tree-hugger.

    Here's a good article about what fracking is and how it impacts things.
  11. So you'd be ok with a frack well next to your property at the risk of having to buy bottled water the rest of your life? I mean, you'd have to be, right? Being a proponent and all...
  12. Yes, there are problems with most types of energy sources, and I only respone to the comits that you posted. I only hit you with fact's that might enlighten you with the truth.. I am far from a tree hugger. I know that things in this country are down played to make them sound so wonderful when they are not. Hell, look ate the BP commercals, that try to make the oil spill as cleaned up and all good. Now if you talk to the residents on the golf coast they will tell you a differant story. I have seen commercals about fraging that paint a real pretty picture. But we all know that is not the case.

    Take a second look at what I posted go to each state and read some of the effects of fraging and now that we know that you have a well and a pond and honestly tell us if you would like to have it done in your back yard.

    Money is great but not at the expence of your land and water or the land and water of your neighbors..
  13. Truth is fellas you can find studies to prove which ever side your on. If you was to break down the percentages what would they be? All the wells drilled and fracked that has not ruined the water and the ones that have? I would say that would change your opinion a little if you looked at it honestly and open minded. Just my opinion, I would gladly let them drill on me.
  14. We will just have to agree to disagree.... a 10% fuc+up rate is to much for me. hell even a 4% IMO is bad.
  15. So what energy do you use with a zero negative impact? Hydro, nuclear, coal, firewood?

    I find the environmentalist opposition to natural gas as proof they really don't care about the environment they only want to hurt our capitalist economy. I've heard from them for years how bad coal is and how much better NG was. Now we've found beaucoup NG and they don't like that.:coco:

    Want more proof? Watch the movie Windfall where environmentalists bash wind turbines.

    Of course much of it is coming from the NIBY people who complain about oil and gas prices but don't want any production near them. :16suspect1:
  16. My biggest problem is it extraction of it.. If you really want to go round and round on this we can but know one wins. In alaska we waste crazy amounts of natural gas. But then again we waste mass amounts of stuff on a daily basis.

    I see as many crazy naturalist as I do crazy money hungry could give a sh=t about whats left behind. Point is there are crazy people on each side of the fence. But when levels of Methan is the drinking water are 45X the amout allowed, or houses exploding from this method of extraction I am agianst it.

    Hell This conversation/argument could so far that we could get into polar caps melting but really I don't feel like doing this today.. People are set in there thoughs and all I want to do is inlighten a few to the facts, after that it is up to the individual to make there own opinions...

    The real problem is that there is such a large amount of mis-information out there. IMO people need to fact check stuff to know the truth...

    Ohiosam I could list many Documiterys on the destruction of our forest and natural resources but I will not waste your time...... Nat. gas is what I pay a ton to heat my house, Gas prices? I use mass amounts to run my business and yes I do complane but it is what it is and in my childs life I am sure we will run out.

    It is what it is. But please don't dill in my back yard...
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  17. Call me sentimental, but it's pretty sad how springs and streams in North America have flowed clear and pristine since the beginning of time, sustaining all the different cultures and tribes that have lived here with purity. But we have managed to taint and tarnish many of these resources, all within the last 200 years, which is a very short-time frame given the grand scheme of things. I love industry and advances as much as the next guy but shame on us for not treating our resources with a little more respect. Like Wildman said, this water is all we have.
  18. :yeahthat::yeahthat::yeahthat: All for the oh mighty DOLLAR!!!!
  19. There's too many risks to our environment with the fracking process.Why if the process and its results are so safe are we taking chemicals Penn.?
    Ohios laws were also written so that a landowner may not have the LEGAL RIGHT to deny fracking on his property.
    Downplaying the need for alternative energy sources amazes me.I constantly hear complaining about the prices of gas,heating fuels,etc.,so why no develop these new energy sources and reduce(and hopefully eliminate) our need for oil altogether? If,our oil supplies ran out tomorrow,next year or ten years from now what will our nation do? At that point we'll be 100% at the mercy of foreign countries for oil and will have to pay their prices.So why not go ahead and develop these new resources now?
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