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fox set

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Mr. Creosote, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Can anyone explain how to make the Leggett fox set?
    Thanks in advance,'Sote
  2. Most of the sets I have seen the Leggetts use are basiclly a step down set. You dig a hole in the ground down about 6-8 inches. As you dig down bring out the dirt and angle one side of the hole from the bottom of the hole to the top at a 45 degree angle. Making it look like a yote was digging there. Then come back up the treach about half way and bed the trap there, by making a shelf for it. Make sure for fox you set the pan in the middle or maybe off set about 1 inch or so. But if your wanting to catch yotes or if you know they are in your area. Make sure you double stake and off set the pan 2 inches either to the left or right. After setting the trap sift your dirt over the trap , using a pan cover if you want to depending on the weather, until the trap is fully covered. Then place your bait or lure in the bottom of the hole and squirt some fox urine at the top of the hole oppsite of the trap location. They do make dirt hole sets also.
    The dirt hole set is made by useing a clump of weeds as a base. Start by digging a hole at the base of the weed clump about 1 inch in diameter. Best way to make this hole it to take the stake you use for the trap and drive it at a 45 degree angle under the weed clump about 6 inches. Roate it around slightly until the hole is shaped. Your just trying to make it look like a mouse hole. Then from the each side of the small hole start breaking up the soil so you can bed your trap, thats going away from the hole. Cut a bed out just about a 45 degrees from each side of the hole outward. Remove the dirt and place it in your sifter. Break up the dirt some more in the bedding area so the trap your going to place will remain solid all the way around. Set your coilspring at this time. Place it in the bedding area for fit. Make you put the dog of the trap toward the hole. Then lift the trap up and then drive your stake though the loop of the chain and try to drive below the trap bed a bit so the trap doesn't rest on it. Then place your trap back and make sure it is solid all the way around. So if a fox steps on the jaw of the trap it won't tip up. Sift your dirt over the trap and cover it completely. Level off the dirt over the trap. Then it's time to apply the lure or bait by placing it in the bottom of the hole and squiting urine on to the weed clump just above the hole. Alway remember that if you have yotes in the area to always double stake your traps. With a fox he will always pull to the side and it will only require one stake for his. But with the yotes they will get up on there back legs and pull up and sideways on the stake. You will hear at times and them pumping the stake out. It refers to them jumping up to pull out the stakes. When putting in the double stakes you just crss them at about a 45 degree angle and they won't get them out. Also keep your chains short so the yotes don't have much to work with. I hope this helps you. Some people do it a bit different and you just might find a different way to do it also. If you I would gladly like to hook up and I can show you more about it if you would like. Hope all your traps stay full.;)

  3. What are fox pelts selling for nowadays??? I see them nightly around my house...Do they kill alot of rabbits???? THe reason I am asking is cause the cottontail numbers are way down around here, I see more red fox than rabbits
  4. Where your at Jack, call Milo's over in Washington Courthouse. It's a fur house and they always give the best price. ;)