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  1. Thought this was interesting. I was skinning a doe I'd shot the day before. After I got the hide down a bit I saw two brown lumps barely poking out of the fat. Hide was intact. Thought maybe an insect or something but once I opened it up a bit found it to be two thick chunks of sticks. Dang. That had to hurt when it happened.

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  2. I bet it hurt even after it happened. that's crazy!!

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  5. Perhaps from a prepper practicing with a primitive weapon?

    (Don't spit on anyone when you read that out loud. Ha!)
  6. Wow! Just goes to show how tough deer are.
  7. Amazing animals! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Goes to show what can happen when running through the woods at night! I always wondered about property fences and how many deer clothes lined themselves on them at night.
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  9. WOW , man that had to suck .
  10. My grandpa's chain link has a huge depression in it where we watched a doe practically bull rush it. She dropped like a sack of taters then got up like nothing happened. Tough creature's.
  11. Geez, what a fat layer; that deer must have been living off a a steady diet of fast food!