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Fort Knox ky

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Edensjr, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Anyone with any pointers on locations that tend to have better deer movement. Will be trying my luck there this season. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hard to believe no one has hunted this place on here.

  3. Might try posting in the deer hunting section.
  4. I have hunted there and did not enjoy it to much. Hopefully they have changed the rules. It was pretty strict compared to some of the other post I have hunted. Has far as good areas I didn't find one that I couldn't wait to hunt again but part of that problem was they rotated the open areas almost daily and were pretty strict on scouting. Has far has big deer they are there but I couldn;t find them haha.
  5. We are thinking about going down and hunting through the week. Can pick area you want through the wk I believe. Could be wrong. I know they are strict on a lot of issues. Thanks
  6. Yea I think you can pick and hunt an area for a few days if I remember correctly. My problem was my work schedule and never getting to that same area again. They might have changed the rules also. If you run into a range tech try and get as much info out of those guys as possible. They are out there more than the average soldier is. Good Luck also
  7. I know I sound a little negative about the area but overall it has plenty of game to go after. You also might look into some of the Public areas around the Post. There are quite a few stateparks and smaller state lands that have good yields.
  8. The Northern sections have some great Oak stands--I think it was section 44 that gave up some monsters back in the 80's when I was stationed down there. Otherwise the deer are around the ranges as the open area are in a way a refuge for them until the range is open for training.
  9. Thanks guys for all the help.