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Fly Fishing in Southern Ohio?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying / Fly Fishing' started by Spitfire, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. Anybody know of some good spots to do some fly fishing in Southern Ohio. Would prefer it to be around the Vinton County area or any surrounding county. We are looking for some Brown Trout to fish down there but dont know of any areas. Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. I don't know where would be closer for you to fly fish for brown trout. I fish the clearfork for browns and that probably a 1.5-2 hour drive from where your from. I have never fished the mad river but you might want to find out which is closer and go from there


  3. There is no trout fishing in southern ohio, or anywhere near you to be frank. Sorry. The Mad river is is an hour west of columbus, and the clear fork is an hour north of columbus if that is any reference. Those are the only 2 trout streams in the state aside from private clubs. You might look into Kentucky fisheries, and see if there are any. I don't know though. I suggest you make the best of it and cast your fly rod for some bass. Or get used to the drive. I routinely drive 3 hours for steelhead, and often it's worth it.
  4. I live less than 5 minutes from the Mad River and know all about the Browns in that. I was just looking for something to pass the time in the spring while on a trip down in the Southern part of the state. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. Maybe I will just do some bass fishing instead and wait on the fly fishing when I head to Montana.
  5. Lance

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    Bass on the fly

    Why not give some smallies a try on the fly?? I would imagine there should be some stream available in the area with decent smallmouth pops and you can fish those with streamers and nymphs just like you woud trout and a 8-10" smallmouth puts just as nice of a nice bend as the trout do.
  6. There is trout fishing in southern Ohio, but we keep it quiet!
    The ODNR releases trout in Lake Adams in Adams county every spring. I believe they also release trout in Roosevelt lake in Shawnee forrest in Scioto county. They used to have an annual trout derby in the creek that feeds Roosevelt lake every spring.
  7. yes i know of a cuople other lakes in se ohio too but most are caught tight lining with colored marshmellows(mini's),corn,salmon eggs or velveeta cheese.bigmouthbass fishing is great on fly rod
  8. oh and i see ole steve has posted where all the trout stockings are...2 are my favorite trout feesin places in se ohio...sometimes i catch them on micro/4# line and very small mepps...
  9. The dividing line for Southern Ohio as I have always seen it started around Waverly on 23 south and a straight line east and west of that. (now this is just my opinion:D ) I have never fished a trout stream in this area, however there might be 1 or 2 that might be just north and sides of what I just described. Fly rodding at any of the streams in the southland your more app to catch bass, bluegill and croppie and the lord only knows what but no trout. Some lakes are stocked and you can take them on the fly during certain times, like Turkey Creek in Shawnee Forest and you might get a stray or 2 that makes it over the spillway if lake is full when they stock it but other than that I've never seen a trout stream. Think gills and bass when going south on lakes and streams for the fly. Now once you hit the river, a majority of fish can be taken on the fly like stripers, white bass, humongus croppie, gills and bass and lets not forget carp and I have even caught catfish on the top. If anyone has any info to the contrary of what I just wrote jump in and correct me please. :) Kentucky and West Virginia has plenty of trout streams if I'm not mistaken I don't have the links handy but if someone needs them I'll rustle them up..
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  10. i,m talkin stocked lakes,but trout have been caught in the hocking river...
  11. Why the southern part Spitfire?

    East Liberty, Ohio Isn't that between Marysville and Bellefontaine?
    What about the Great Miami River/Indian Lake and the the Darby's.
    NW Columbus/Delaware for the Scioto, Olentangy, Antrim Lake (trout ++++), and Blue Limestone (trout +).
    Fly fishing for Smallies makes up about 53% of my fishing. Nothing like them.