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flathunter ~

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Erie, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Good to see Ya aboard as a Mod Squad member !!!

    The Ohio Cat Fishermen are a very active group of Anglers & it takes special skills to understand them .. You'll do a great job Jack! :)
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  2. Thanks Ray!!! I did not even know I was a moderator yet???

  3. said a mouthful Ray

  4. Special


    I hope he didn't mean special like the kids that ride the short bus!
  5. Robbie.....

    I had to walk to school , 2 miles uphill both ways. Really...there was a big valley in the middle !!:D
  6. katfish ... Special

    You know what I mean ya ole' fart;) ~ the rival between rivers & lakes amoung C-Men, along with the UpNorthers (can't say that word) on board probably don't have a Kat-Clue;) :cool:

    Good Luck on the "Queen" this year!!! (I know ~ Skill Rules)