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Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Doctor, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for the directions to Fishermans warehouse, met Matt, dude knows his stuff along with the rest of the crew, great place to shop, really like it, very helpfull, good catfish selection.

    We spent a bunch of money there, bought 4 new Reels, the new Classic cat 6500C4, liked those Big Iron reels but when it came down to the decision I had to go with the 50 year manufacturer whom I have trusted for 41 years. Bought two new Ugly stik cat rods for Lynn.

    Got a feeling we are going to spend more money there before the start of the catting season in 2003, again thanks for the heads up

    Also say something to Matt about my tournament that I sponser each year on the Ohio River, they are willing to donate something as long as it is legit, which everyone knows it is, he said that this year they are only donating to things that deal with only hunting, fishing or anything that involves sportman, he told me to come back a month before the tournament, Thanks again

    Doc and Lynn
  2. GLAD TO HELP Doc!!

    So glad you enjoyed yourself there..the friendlyness of that crew and thier knowlege makes it all the better!
    I have delt with them for over 12+yrs now and trust what they say and sell me..if i have any problems, i contact them and they make it right..hard service to beat!
    I will for sure talk to them about your tourny and let them know you and your tournys are top notch and they should sponsor it !

    Yea i dont blame ya a bit for going with the Abu line, they are hard to beat as thier products are very long lasting!

    Fishermans is a great place because of the 30 yrs experience they have being a tackle dealer, they do have a pretty good selection of cat gear(for a mom & pop store its awsome) compared to the big shops like BP & Cabelas..they mostly stock cat & musky gear, but do catter to all popular species too.

    Again glad you enjoyed the shop and its crew , glad i could help.

  3. I agree the one stop store for all your catfishing needs!
  4. Congrats again on the reels Doc. Just curious what Ugly Sticks you and Lynn decided on.

    Finally got the time to go to Fisherman's Warehouse last week when I was in Columbus...closed for inventory til the 2d:( Talked to them on the phone y'day....great folks and actually "knew" what I was talking about when I asked them questions...even took the time to look up some things for me. Definately gonna go in and see them...when they're open :D

    Sure wish I'd known they were carrying those reels...coulda saved some money. Last year no one could find them...that's ok though....I'm still happy with em.
  5. rrbski

    She took the 1 piece 6 foot Ugly stick big water boat rod medium heavy action, has a fast tip and heavy backbone, and is a trigger handle, she likes those rods that will bend over when a fish takes the bait. I like the rods where just the tips bend on them.

    Me I'm staying with my Berkley E-Cat #4's there going to the repair shop tomorrow, a guy that I worked with for several years at Drackett, is a master rod builder and he is going to put new guides on both rods, the blank and seats are in great shape, and I like the cork handles. The rods are broke in really good and I like there action.

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  6. Thanks Doc...

    I was considering matching my reels up with 7.5' Quantum Big Cat; med 1 - 4 oz.....FW doesn't have any...only had the med hvy 6 oz and hvy 8 oz. Since they're one piece rods transporting them home will be fun in my Ranger :) Once home I'd be able to put them in the boat ;)

    Anywho....Sounds like you and Lynn are all set; plan on making your tourney again this year.

    Tammy's trying to talk me into a bigger boat :) ... so far I'm being successful in ignoring her....and haven't told her the Columbus boat show is going on at the Columbus Fairgrounds all week. We'll see who wins come spring
    :D :D
  7. Gotta love Fisherman's!!!!!!!

    Like Matt told me once, if they had to survive on the sale of bass tackle.......they'd be out of business a long time ago.

    I think I'll go through the ole' tackle bag tonight and take inventory.....then off to Fisherman's on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Bob

    I can bring my boat over to your place so Tammy can see it.:D :D :D :D Doc
  9. No thanks Doc....

    :D :D :D It was the pic on your website of you and I in your boat that got her to thinking in the first place :D :D :D and she definately don't need any help.:D I thought we were friends:confused: ;) :)
  10. Guess I need to check this place out. I've been meaning to do it since I moved to Columbus, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Sounds like a top-notch store.
  11. rrbski

    Ok I won't do that for you, hey are you bring Tammy to the outing in Marion?
  12. Not sure yet Doc...Tammy works saturday nights. We're talking about it though.
  13. Bob(big secret)

    I had a long talk with Matt (owners son who runs the store) and we talked a LOT about the growing interest with CARP fishing..he was very interested to know that a local club regularly holds carp tourneys right here in Columbus and was shocked to know about the C.A.G. group and the amount of members worl-wide it has..he also found it amazing that there is only one WELL know store in the US that catters to carp anglers!!!
    I still have to talk to him more about this BUT you just might be seeing some nice UK carp gear being stocked at Fishermans sometime in the future???? ya never know!
    Probably of course sold for BOTH carp and cats!!!;)
  14. That'd be neat Scott....make getting certain things alot easier. Will be watching. Still haven't been in there yet. Good fishing to ya.
  15. Man, I never thought about mentioning carp to them.......that would be cool if they got started in it???????

    I took my inventory last night. I have a big Plano 759 Guide Series full of crankbaits, spinnerbaits, goods to make crawler/minnow harnesses, TONS of sinkers from shot to eggs to bullet type, hooks, soft plastics, bass jigs like bitsy bugs and others, a few bucktail jigs, some bobbers, a few ice jigs, TONS of Erie Dearies, the list is endless!!!!!! Also a Quantum Classic Express and Diawa Procaster both in left hand. I never use any of this stuff, most of it has NEVER hit the water. Anyone looking for a good deal?
  16. carp tackle

    Well im still not sure if Matt is will'ing to take the chance, i'll still have to prove that there are a lot of carp anglers around Columbus that would be interested in this type of like i said they can also market it to the catfish crowd to..i'll keep ya all posted on what turns out.
    Im going to take some of the carp tackle that i have into him and show him what i mean..if they could just stock in some good carp rods & reels..along with some good baits, it would be a great start, i think?
  17. I would be interested too, as I'm sure many guys on here and throughout Ohio would be.....
  18. thats the thing

    see most guys like rrbski and the other CAG members..or just regular ole carp anglers..know better than to go into a tackle store and ask for CARP gear..they know NO ONE stocks that kind of gear..let alone EURO carp gear!!!
    There are a ton of anglers(some still hidding in the closet), that love to catch carp..and with gear made just for carp..and rigs just for carp..and baits just for carp...they could expand thier abilitys, knowlege and would have gear more suited to help them catch bigger carp.
    Heck most dont know carp in Ohio have been caught up to 50 lbs(state record) and have the ability to grow MUCH in Erie and the Ohio R.!!!
    What other fish in Ohio can get that big...? Flatheads(yes, 78lb state record)..musky..probably(i dont musky fish..ask buckeyeTom for that info.)..but theres nothing else in Ohio that is so widely populated..than the old carp..and they fight great, pull hard and are a fun fish anyone can catch(well as long as you dont fish next to rrbski, then you'll be HIS net me..geez;) )

    I guess the next best reason for ME to fish for carp is...hardly anyone talks about them..fishes for them(as long as thier BASS buddys wont find out:rolleyes: ) not one for "bandwagon" species that everyone and thier grandfather fishes for.carp are a lot different, but again thier can rack your brains trying to catch these SMART fish, and sometimes catch them on simple baits...but the best thing about that is you'll have them ALL to yourself..while those OTHER guys are chasing them sporty 1-3lb fish out of $30k
  19. They are awesome! I love when I'm fishing some tailwaters or something and I see this monsterous carp cruise and disappear.....

    I'll tell yah where I saw some of the LARGEST carp in of the camp grounds.......I have honestly never seen carp as big, not even those carp at the zoo!!!!!!