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Flathead Maniac

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by smallie, Jan 18, 2003.

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  1. HI SCOTT,


  2. WOW...

    Glad you joined this site , but too bad ya had to go and put my name in your thread(lol) bet you get the same type of replys in here as the "other" forum.(will see how long this one goes before its deleted?)

    Keep in touch with me through e-mails and we'll hook up for sure.
    I wont be around the net much..but i'll keep a close eye on my mail.
    Good luck with the smallies this year and if theres anything i can help you with just give me a shout.

    PS one other thing before someone says something..try typing your posts using LESS capital the reading world of the seems as if your;) :D

  3. another message forum to try out..

    Now that is a great smallmouth site to look at..lots of great info. about river and stream smallies..just be careful, these guys are serious and are a "little" uptight sometimes.
  4. Scott , Please stop talking about that we are a little up tight and can't wait to see if this gets deleted. Your wanting to start something. Stop it please.;)

    You comment..PLEASE reread the reply i made....

    "Now that is a great smallmouth site to look at..lots of great info. about river and stream smallies..just be careful, these guys are serious and are a "little" uptight sometimes."

    If you notice i first say.."now THAT is a great smallmouth site to look at.."

    "THAT"..referring to the LINK above my comments,!!
    and .."THESE guys are a little up tight".. was again aimed at my LINK i gave him!!

    Thank you,
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  6. I knew what you were talking about Scott. It is one of the reasons I don't visit that site much anymore. I have received threatening e-mails from members of that site before and when I replied if they would like to meet in person to talk about it I never received a reply back. The thing is I did want to meet them TO DISCUSS the situation (what might happen after the discussion though...;) )
  7. live2fish

    are you serious??
    GEEZ..i knew those guys were a strange breed, but dang!

    I was a member over there for a short time..but i quickly found out they ONLY will reply to long time members and will not take lightly to an outsider showing any of them far its been the worst forum ive been in just for the way your treated..great info. but not worth the trouble, for me atleast..but hey i get into trouble ;) :rolleyes:

    That brings up a funny story..i had a few of the members from that site who live here in Ohio leave me some bad posts in my smallie chasers guest book before..saying i was doing this and that and wasnt really catching the number and size of the smallies as i showed on my site? I thought it was very funny as they were suposed to be full-time smallie "experts" but couldnt catch as much as a part-time smallie angler as
    I would love to fish with one of them on a stream of thier choice;) :D :cool:

    Good fishing to ya live2fish..see ya on the creek somewhere.
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    Welcome to Ohio Sportsman, you'll like it here.:)
  9. Welcome aboard Smallie..Question are you a better smallmouth angler than Scott????:D
  10. Gheesh Jack

    You know know the answer. SMALLIE, just ignore Jack, he's always trying to start something. Any questions, feel free to ask, lots of well informed members here.
  11. thanks for the welcome guys, judging by the sizes of flatheadmaniac's smallies,i'm definitly not in his leauge. i've only been fishing for smallies seriously for about 5 years. i was a diehard largemouth angler, but a friend took me to some rivers and my first river smallie came out of the chagrin, it was 3 pound. i caught it on a chrome/black big-o. as for this site, i'm for sure not a expert, but am willing to help fellow anglers here with what little i do know. i'm planning on hitting the cuyahoga this year hard for some cat action. tight lines to all,

  12. lol Jack

    Hey im just an angler...i fish for many species, but only part-time, none really full-time!....If i was to just fish for one or two species than i might be "better", but i just catch some fish here and more than anyone else;)
  13. Hey Smallie

    Where is Parma, Ohio anyway??? Just trying to get an idea of the rivers and streams around your area.
  14. parma be up round kleveland

    i ain't "unhappy" just think that face is kewl
  15. scott, parma is a burb of cleveland. i'm over by 480 west and ridge rd. the rivers close to me-- within 50 mile radius are

    rocky river, cuyahoga river, ashtabula river, grand river, chagrin river, and conneaut creek. there are others but with the exception of the rocky river these are my normal stompin grounds.i'm waiting for the economy to stabilize alittle before i go out and buy a boat. i'll probably get a crestliner 18ft, with a 60-90 mercury 4 stroke. i was gonna get one last year, but alcoa was doing layoffs so i decided to be prudent and hold off. but, as long as i have my rivers to wade, i'll satisfy my smallie addiction. LOL.
  16. cool

    Then you got all kinds of streams around you to keep you busy for sure wading.
    Im still undecided about purchasing a boat this year or not? Im getting better each year in figuring out bank fishing and i know full well if i buy a boat right now i will give up the style of fishing ive grown to love so much..i know a boat will open wide way more possibilitys for fishing..but i know myself very well..i'll only dive into it head first and let it consume all my regular the vote for me is still not in yet..(plus i dont want to end up like some of those boat :eek: ;) )
    Maybe i'll wait til im a little older and cant get to far out of the way;) ..but then again that wouldnt be for another 20yrs..:cool:
  17. Riversmallies

    You are right. is not your kind of site. "Uptight" as you desribed should be changed to "mature". No trash talking, no bashing, not inclusive but informative. Hmmmm, no this doesn't seem like your kind of place.
    As you know, I have visited your sites and have tried to engage you in a mature, respectful manner. This doesn't fly with you unless someone agrees with you, That's too bad.
    What I have never seen is a thread shut down, on RS, for disagreeing with someone. It will never happen because it is run by mature people who are secure enough with themselves to handle an opposing opinion. I have seen some very intense debates on a variety of subjects, that have been pemitted to run and ultimately everyone learns how the other side feels and gains some respect for an opposite viewpoint.
    No one bragging about how expensive their equipment is or bashing others for not being able to catch as many fish. Some very good info there and some darn good guys who are interested in CPR and preserving our resources.
    So far so good here on Ohiosportsman. Looks like this could be another good one. I will stay tuned.
  18. Hello Andy

    Welcome, good to see you. I've always enjoyed your posts, informative & to the point. You'll like it here too......Jim
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