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Flathead issue:

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Flatheads only.

    8 vote(s)
  2. All catfish.

    16 vote(s)
  3. I'm still not sure.

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  1. Vote if you think all catfish should be labeled as game fish or just the flathead.
  2. Vote

    I didnt vote.............I think that just one species would be a pain......................As I type this I am thinking what a Bitchkitty it would be to get them all classified................we may need Lobbysist for that broad of a spectrum of fish........................Thats over my head.............

    I will say in principal I think it would be great to have them ALL classified as GAMEFISH


  3. I voted for the Flathead ..
  4. Same's a start. Start small, work to bigger things.
  5. I voted

    I voted for the Flathead too.........
  6. I vote flathead since this is the species that needs the most protection. I'm just wondering how states that have limits on catfish treat it -- do they lump the species together under "catfish" or is it species specific? Or does it depend on the state?
  7. I voted for flatheads only, but not because I believe it is the only catfish species needing protection. I just know that it will be easier to get one fish reclassified at a time.

    It depends on the state. Some lump all cats together, while others place their limits on each cat species independently.
  8. They lump spots, smallies and largemouths all together. Why not blues, channels and flatties? It's not like there aren't more fish in the sunfish family, which is what the bass is in........nobody goes around worrying about the bluegill......why worry about the bullhead?
  9. it would be hard to lump catfish I think because of the huge size variation between the species .. you have some that can go over a 100lbs .. with reports of fish up to 350 in the late 1800s to bullheads that are basically small ... Small fish tend to be prolific breeders and their lifespan is very short .. You could put a size limit on each but something that has been clearly demonstrated on other posts and threads .. is that a lot of people have a hard time telling some catfish apart .. especially blues and channels ..
  10. Good point

    Took the words out of my mouth
    I've seen alot of brown channel cats, someone might think that their flatheads are also channels. So now they can still keep unlimited numbers of flatheads ?
    That's why they put WB, stripers & hybrid stripers together. That's what I'd like to see for catfish, a 10 fish limit with only one over 30" permitted and maybe NONE over 40" permitted.
    Ohio DNR Ohio River Regulations
    Here's the regs for the Ohio River:
    Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass 6 (singly or in combination) 12 inches (no minimum size for spotted bass)
    Walleye, Sauger, and Saugeye 10 (singly or in combination) None
    Striped, Hybrid Striped, White, and Yellow Bass 30 (no more than 4 over 15 inches) None
    Muskellunge 2 30 inches

    I think the poll should be limited to flatheads and channel cats vs "all" which would include bullheads, yellow bellies, madtoms, etc.
    As previously mentioned, blues are protected.
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  11. The Commercial netters from what I understand are not after channels..Just trophy flats and blues..Blues are already protected in ohio waters.
  12. my thoughts

    i agree,jim.the blue,being protected,doesn't need limits as such,but i still think it should be included in a way as to ensure it stays that way,or even be further protected.i.e,not being sold in the state or something along those lines.the bullhead is a small fish which is not really a target as a food source,to any extent,and as far as i'm concerned,is in no danger of being exploited.they are be a favorite in some states,where they grow bigger and are very prolific,but not here.
  13. I'm with Wise1 on this one. make them all gamefish.;)
  14. I agree with the idea of making them all game fish, but not just yet. We haven't even takin' off our training wheels.
  15. Based on the reply from the DNR there is NO commercial fishing done in Ohio other than in the Erie area.
    That more less ends any protection from netting in the Ohio River unless something was done about how paylakes procure fish for their business.
    I guess I'm having trouble understanding why some don't want protection on channels? No one's saying yoy can't fish for them & still keep them. Just have limits as to how many and the sizes.
    Look how various smallie streams have been fished out, same could happen quick with channels, and most beginning anglers won't know a flathead from a brown channel cat. So if for no other reason than missidentification, they need to be put together.
  16. I don't understand that part of their reply jim .. about no commercial fishing outside of lake erie ... I have looked at the license apps .. they sell commercial fishing license for the Ohio river .. at least that was my interpetation of the application .. even listed prices for extra tags ....... I am not sure you got someone with a full spectrum of knowledge of the situation.
  17. Sounds like the ODNR may need some education on the exact Regulations.............................I too noticed the comment about the Lake Erie Deal................sounds like some BS perhaps...............If I read it right .we need to point out the netters and they will be in hot water? ( with the ODNR ) .....................Hmmmm the ODNR on the river MUST notice netters...................WE should approach a net boat and see whats up...........
  18. I may stand corrected

    I looked again for the commercial license and all I can find is IN and KY ... It is quite possible that I read ohio river and mistook it for ohio ... it seems the commercial fishing might be coming from IN and KY
  19. Channels & flatheads identification

    How many times have you heard people ask "How do you tell the difference?" With unlimited catches and trotlines, limblines legal, then how many small flats will be kept at channels? Also let me pose this question to those not wanting to protect channel cats? You're saying there's no need for a limit? How many is an acceptable day's catch? I know we've caught over 20 in a day several days a week. If I kept them, 20 fish per day okay to take from your spot? How about 100 with limb & trotlines by one person, do you think that's okay? What if 30 of those were flatheads, but they thought they were channels? I'm just having difficulty trying to understand why there's alot here who don't want all of them protected.
    How many novice anglers would identify these fish correctly ? I'd bet if you did some sort of survey, you would be surprized of the errors. Most casual anglers fish several times in the summer & keep all they catch for a fish fry. If they knew there was 10 fish limit on catfish- it wouldn't matter if it was a flat or a channel !
    How about bluecats too ? How many even knew they were protected in Ohio ?? They are in the Ohio River, but also in CJ Brown Lake and others. How many might keep 20-30 bluecats thinking they are the "lowly" unprotected none gamefish? ;) :D :eek:
    That biggest one's a bluecat. So is this one....
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