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Flathead Fisherman, lets here it numbers and pounds

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by flathunter, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Ok for you guys who keep track of the number and weight of your Flats what were your totals for 2002????

    I managed 36 Flats, But only 6 were over 15-lbs..Big fish of 50-lbs
  2. my first and only one last year was 10# in the ohio river. im in the prosess of buying new rods and reels now thru feb 6500c3s on ugly stick rods i plan on hitting the river every weekend this summer and targeting all channel and flatheads . cant wait:) :) :) :)

  3. Everytime I went out for flatties I only caught channels. I can't complain, the majority were at the 24" mark. Better a channel cat than no cat! Total for the year....well, more than 20....never really kept count. Spent most of my time crappie fishing and getting used to the new boat. This year will be ballz out from the start!
  4. Flatties

    I work 50 plus hours a week, so I had a slow summer of Cattin...........I managed 6, small being at 19 pounds and largest was like 26 I believe................In August I lost what I think was a rare Monster Flathead in SANDUSKY BAY of all places..........Took a live fin- trimmed Bullhead and I couldnt even turn him.........I was running 20 pound test Stren, but I had a decent reel , and this fish spooled me..........I dont think it was a Gar, ran like a Huge Cat.
  5. I got a feeling it is going to be a slow year for me also, only one day a week to fish, with this work schedual I got:( Oh well better than being unemployed:)
  6. 10-4

    I hear that Flats !!

    Id rather get a check than Fish anyday............However, I shall make some time LOL

    ANY catmen out there ever heard of a flathead in Sandusky Bay??? You talk to the locals, and they say.........what?????

    So, They must be in there................just called Mudcat or something
  7. thats a Possibilty...............I wasnt sure if they fed at night or not............It was around 11pm maybe...lightstick just playing around , off it went.........maybe a boat had my Line LOL
  8. Not sure on how many I caught , but my biggest one was 20 lb. out of Alum Creek Lake. Trying to get a better fish this year.;)
  9. Horrible year for me .. I barely got a chance to fish .. when we fished we caught fish ... largest 30lbs ... numbers I don't know .. too few to count.. I used to be able to spend tons of time on the water ... fished for cats, small and largemouth walleyes, pike perch .. I sure hope 2003 finds me on the water a whole lot more that 2002 .. I don't even care if I catch anything, I just want the time to get out...

    P.S Lake Erie has flats, so I am sure sandusky bay has them too.. I used to catch quite a few flats fishing for walleye with wormharness .. they were small 3 to 5 lbs. . I have never fished for them ... to many other things going on up there ...
  10. 2002 records..

    Man 2002 was a tough year for me too, worst i can remember for a long while!
    I missed my usual 50+ flatheads per season this year, which has'nt happened in atleast 8 yrs now!!
    My PB for 2002 was only 28-29lbs...was such a let down season i didnt take many pics. of my flatheads(plus i already have way too many 20-30lb flathead pics, was hopin for that level 4!)
    My two buddys did get thier FIRST ever flathead this year..and both took big fish honors with a 36lb & 30lb flathead.
    I ended the season with only 44 flatheads most high teens, low 20's :(
    Everything else in 2002 fishing wise was good with my PB Hybrid Striper being caught while catching flatheads on the Ohio R.(31" 10.4lbs). Put my buddy Duane on his first 20" smallie in his first full season of chasing them. Was with my buddy Dave when he got his best smallie of 2002 at 20 1/4"...I got a smallie every month in 2002 which tops my avg. of 10-11 months per year..with my last trip Dec. 18th producing a 20"er.
    Also 2002 was great because i got both my boys Tyler & Christopher out wading for smallies and Tyler got his biggest at 18.5", Christopher at 14"..awsome for thier very FIRST year chasing smallies!
    Lets pray for a normal dryer spring this year!!!

    Good luck to all in 2003!
  11. Your biggest what out of Alum? Cat?
  12. flats

    Looks like I got 7 over 40 pounds.

    I did get a 66 pounder. Maybe next year the flatheads will treat us better;)

    Maybe I should count the ones I net for other people I take fishing:D
  13. Fish

    Doc got 78 total, 393.2# total Biggest 22.5#
    Lynn got 70 Total 332.8# total Biggest 27.0#

    Robby your getting closer to the state record!!!

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  14. sounds good Doc

    Sounds like you and Lynn had a good year for the #'s of flatheads for sure..good show!

    Robby..only 7 over 40lbs...WOW ;)
  15. Looks like Lynn caught the bigger fish this year?

    Man, that's a shame......only a 66lb. fish? weren't you trying this year:confused: :D
  16. I didn't keep a log.....

    Don't know the numbers.....I guess if you count all catfish or only flatheads ? Got me cornfused Jacko....;)
    On flatheads I got quite a few if you count all of them. I know there was days I'd get several 1-5# fish, but for larger fish, I know I weighed in several 14#-20# For fish in the 20# class, maybe 5 ? I remember several in Sept. Then for over 30# I do remember a 31-8 oz & a 31-4 and a 39"(no scale. Blues...several 20-25#, one 35#- maybe 30# and a 50" 33" girth 62# Bluecat.
    Caught alot of nice channel cats over 10# also. Here's the 31# 4 oz on the floor.....
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  17. If you want to see......

    Most of my better fish I did have the camera they are in the Lets see some Catfish pics thread. :D
  18. Big channel cat

    This one is from last January....the 27th. Why wait for March ?
  19. With my freaking work schedule my fishing time is going to be limited this year...However my goal is 5 flats over 20, and 2 over 30....Probablly wont hit it, but got to try:D