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Would you support making the Flathead(Shovelhead) catfish a gamefish

  • Yes

    Votes: 24 88.9%
  • No

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • I am undecided

    Votes: 1 3.7%

Flathead Catfish needs your help

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As I am sure some of you are already aware, there are people that are trying to get the Flathead (Shovelhead( Catfish some protection by getting it gamefish status. There are areas in the Ohio River and other rivers across the country where the populations of this Trophy fish are being decimated by commercial fishing using a variety of different types of netting methonds. How long will it be before this species goes the way of the Sturgeon, I myself have never seen a Sturgeon in the wild, I don't want our children or grandchildren to say the samething about the Flathead. These great fish are not being hunted for food, a vast majority of them are being sold live to private paylakes across the nation where they eventually die of stress, in alot of cases these lakes amount to nothing more than ponds. These lakes were are not suited for these large fish in so great of numbers ... Many are being kept alive in the summer months by aerators because the lake cannot maintain an effecient amount of oxygen naturally.
We are in no way asking for a ban on keeping these fish for food, we are simply attempting to get the Flathead catfish classified as a game fish, offering it the same protection as many of the fish you already fish for.
Even if you are not a fishermen, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to vote .. Could you imagine how you would feel if some companies started capturing our deer and other wildlife only to be sold to ranches where they were killed for money?
This poll is simply to get a feel for the amount of support out there, your opinion is needed and respected no matter how you vote. It would be greatly appreciated if you have any suggestions or comments that you post them here, it would give great insight into the feelings of other fisherman on the subject

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I know studies have been done on portions of the Missouri River where commercial fishing was stopped due to the decline in flathead numbers. Can't remember the figures exactly, but it didn't take long at all for the reports of trophy sized flatheads to increase dramatically after the change. There's plenty of evidence that shows limits and decreased commercial fishing greatly increase both the size and population density of catfish.

The tough part, and what we need to do, is show that some type of limits need to be put in place. Anecdotal information and gut feelings regarding the current trends in catfish/flathead populations probably won't be enough to get things done. But, if we can show that there is an overwhelming interest in protecting these species, and that catfish are a major sport/trophy fish here in Ohio, this will definately help the cause. Still just putting my thoughts out there, though -- I don't have any solutions to the problems.
I don't think that 4 or 5 of us taking chip shots by emailing the dnr is going to do anything.........if we're going to be a group we need to start acting as one and move at the same time. As many emails that the dnr receives each day.......a handful of ours will get lost in the shuffle.
I noticed the poll over on GFO.......is there anyone over there(that isn't on here) that is in the boat with us?

What about putting a petition in bait shops? What has to be done to get that started? The 20 or so people on here is not enough strength. We can get people's names on paper and research the subject at the same time. When it's done, go at the state and dnr full force........not with bits and pieces.

I think the more emails they get, the better it is. Then as there's more support, petitions, etc. They will have to say," hey, we got all those emails, etc, etc. Maybe we should do this."
I think organization is the key... a few emails here and there
(we have had only 17 people post on this thread) will not make a difference but a few 1000 sent all at once draws immediate attention :cool:
That is where we as an organized group can really make a difference:D
Examples of what can be done with minimum resources:
Petition state for creel samples of both anglers and commercial fisherman
Recruitment via email, forum post, flyers in bait/tackle shops, a website for centralization of material and information
campaign agendas towards politicians and committees
possibilities are endless as a group ended alone or with few participating :(
wish I could be of more help, but working to much right now, just got home at midnight, have to be back at work at 8am, for 16hrs tomorrow:(
Ok guys we're good to go now...
Catfish Anglers Society is up and running stop on by and lets pull all our resources together for the good of all...
or for ease of remembering
Hope to see you there!!!
141 - 146 of 146 Posts
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