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Would you support making the Flathead(Shovelhead) catfish a gamefish

  • Yes

    Votes: 24 88.9%
  • No

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • I am undecided

    Votes: 1 3.7%

Flathead Catfish needs your help

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As I am sure some of you are already aware, there are people that are trying to get the Flathead (Shovelhead( Catfish some protection by getting it gamefish status. There are areas in the Ohio River and other rivers across the country where the populations of this Trophy fish are being decimated by commercial fishing using a variety of different types of netting methonds. How long will it be before this species goes the way of the Sturgeon, I myself have never seen a Sturgeon in the wild, I don't want our children or grandchildren to say the samething about the Flathead. These great fish are not being hunted for food, a vast majority of them are being sold live to private paylakes across the nation where they eventually die of stress, in alot of cases these lakes amount to nothing more than ponds. These lakes were are not suited for these large fish in so great of numbers ... Many are being kept alive in the summer months by aerators because the lake cannot maintain an effecient amount of oxygen naturally.
We are in no way asking for a ban on keeping these fish for food, we are simply attempting to get the Flathead catfish classified as a game fish, offering it the same protection as many of the fish you already fish for.
Even if you are not a fishermen, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to vote .. Could you imagine how you would feel if some companies started capturing our deer and other wildlife only to be sold to ranches where they were killed for money?
This poll is simply to get a feel for the amount of support out there, your opinion is needed and respected no matter how you vote. It would be greatly appreciated if you have any suggestions or comments that you post them here, it would give great insight into the feelings of other fisherman on the subject

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As you know I am kinda pissed at the lack of support I was recieving, but I voted yes....And The online petition is better than nothing, not as much as I was planning but a start....So if no one gets the online petition going, I will contact my sister in law who is a attourny, and try to get her to help me fill out the proper wording on the online petition
Jim a letter writing campaign would also be good, and to the gov.
I dont think we are going to find harvest records for commercial netting, I wont even call it fishing because it is not....But all you have to do is pick up a free copy of Ohio Fisfinder from most tackle stores and see where these trophy fish are going..they have listings for dozens of paylakes which stock tons of trophy cats..And they get them from the netters..I think thefishfinder even has a website with this info......You know my home fishing waters are not effected by this yet..But once the Ohio river is depleted of these big cats they will go other places to find them.

I think the original wording of the first post on this thread would go for a start, and maybe add a few things to put on the online petition?
As some of you know I started this poll on gofshohio also...with 4000 members we can use thier help..link to the thread below.
Yes Scott I have noticed that there is some prominent Catmen who have said nothing on this topic:confused:
Guys I have been i contact with a mississippi river catfish guide who is doing the same thing we are trying to do..Here is one of his emails to me..I left his name off for now

It is very possible, if all the concerned anglers get together and raise Hell. Ya'll have got to form together and stick together. You can't have a bunch of fence riders and spineless blowbags!! I know what I am talking about because I have been intrumental in size limits being imposed on the Miss. river in TN. waters for commercial fishermen and hopefully it will go statewide this year for all fishermen.
I have the commercial fishermen mad at me and threatning me because they think I am solely responsible for this regulation. I have had Catfishermen complain and cry about the devestation the Commercial netters are doing to the Blue and Flatheads, but when it comes down to taking a stand, they "chicken out". Many are afraid they will piss the Commercial fishermen off, and beleive me it does!
I have even had a couple of guys jump over the fence when they saw that they too, might have to return the big Cats to the river. They are sport fishermen that want to complain about the fish the Commercial guys take out of the river but when they catch a 50+ pounder, they want to drag it all over God's green earth showing it off. They don't have enough sense to realize that a picture will last for years.
There is too many people chaseing these trophy size fish now days, for us sporfishermen to keep them. Big Cats are in demand and if we don't conserve, they will deminish!
Everyone has got to take a stand and stick to it. We can win but it won't be a cake walk.
I take the commercial fishermen's threats seriously and I hope they realize that I too will counter-attack. They mess with my personal property or my physical being, I will them too.
Stay in touch and stop this senseless slaughter of every fishermens resource
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As you can tell from his email he has been threatened by the commercial fishermen in his area with harm...That makes me want to get this done even more:mad:
Here is waht I have found out so far while talking to "several" people in other states trying to do the same thing, some with good results.....All have told me we have to form a group! With a name, such as Ohio Catfish anglers or something they say without a group we wont get noticed......And we have to have a leader or president of this group...And they say it will take some money so we would have to have donations from members....Once the group is formed, then start the letter writing, the online petition, and showing up at odnr meetings...Also speaking with state represenatives, congressmen, and the govenor...Also mass letter writings to the people just mentioned.......
Jim I think you are on to something "Save the Catfish" That would get peoples attention...So should we set up a poll on who is going to be president of this as now unformed group????? I vote Jim for pressident:eek: :D Fogot to mention..Also what others have told me is the media will go wild on this topic if they know what we are doing, both newspaper and TV...But first we must be formed into a group, and have a clear agenda on what we are after...............I suspect this will take awhile, this winter is a good time to work on it before fishing starts, unless your Jim who fishes all year...I wish I had more time, working six days a week and on the road 2-1/2 hrs a day driving to and from work limits my time...........But I do think this has promise, and remember this it is for the long haul, and will take awhile...But I do think we have many people who will be for this, much more than those who are aginst!
Fellas, I am slowly learning behind the scenes that it will take someone who will lead who can devote a whole lot of time money and effort to this cause......I fear non of us have this resourse right now?:(
aturkyhntr...I feel for you, I have been there done that....Not a pleasant experience:(
Turkyhunter..I have contacted my sister in law who is an atourny.......She really had nothing good to say about what we want to do....In fact she told me that something like that would end up costing us thousands of dollars in legal fees, her words were tens of thousands of dollars???????..I dont know if she is correct on this or not????
I am sending an email to the odnr now stating I do fish for flatheads with rod and reel, lets all do the same????
I am sending an email to the odnr now stating I do fish for flatheads with rod and reel, lets all do the same????
wish I could be of more help, but working to much right now, just got home at midnight, have to be back at work at 8am, for 16hrs tomorrow:(
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