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Flathead Catfish needs your help

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by MadCatter, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Yes

    24 vote(s)
  2. No

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  3. I am undecided

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  1. As I am sure some of you are already aware, there are people that are trying to get the Flathead (Shovelhead( Catfish some protection by getting it gamefish status. There are areas in the Ohio River and other rivers across the country where the populations of this Trophy fish are being decimated by commercial fishing using a variety of different types of netting methonds. How long will it be before this species goes the way of the Sturgeon, I myself have never seen a Sturgeon in the wild, I don't want our children or grandchildren to say the samething about the Flathead. These great fish are not being hunted for food, a vast majority of them are being sold live to private paylakes across the nation where they eventually die of stress, in alot of cases these lakes amount to nothing more than ponds. These lakes were are not suited for these large fish in so great of numbers ... Many are being kept alive in the summer months by aerators because the lake cannot maintain an effecient amount of oxygen naturally.
    We are in no way asking for a ban on keeping these fish for food, we are simply attempting to get the Flathead catfish classified as a game fish, offering it the same protection as many of the fish you already fish for.
    Even if you are not a fishermen, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to vote .. Could you imagine how you would feel if some companies started capturing our deer and other wildlife only to be sold to ranches where they were killed for money?
    This poll is simply to get a feel for the amount of support out there, your opinion is needed and respected no matter how you vote. It would be greatly appreciated if you have any suggestions or comments that you post them here, it would give great insight into the feelings of other fisherman on the subject


  2. Of course I would...

    Now what needs to be done next is create a free online petition then send the results to the DNR :) ;)
  3. As you know I am kinda pissed at the lack of support I was recieving, but I voted yes....And The online petition is better than nothing, not as much as I was planning but a start....So if no one gets the online petition going, I will contact my sister in law who is a attourny, and try to get her to help me fill out the proper wording on the online petition
  4. I voted yes on this matter simply because flatheads, and all catfish for that matter, are game fish and should be treated as such. Commercial fishing to support paylakes is what needs to be extinct.
  5. Give it time ... this post is not that old yet.
    If you can get the wording down pat I'll create the petition :D
  6. That's it

    That's the petition thing I mentioned in another post.
    I think if we could get a letter writing campaign going to the govenor might be a good idea. If we could attract his attention I'm sure it would help. ;)
  7. Jim a letter writing campaign would also be good, and to the gov.
  8. Why just the Flathead...make all catfish game fish.
  9. I agree with Desperado, all catfish should be classified as game fish.
  10. I have been doing some web surfing as I am sure many of you have ... I have ran across several instances where people associated with the ODNR have refered to the Flathead catfish as a game fish ..... I have found that the Flathead is offically listed as a commercial fish ... I wonder just how many people realize just what is going on with the big cats .. The petition sounds like a great place to start ... We need to get one started as soon as we can .... Once it gets up and running we can start posting its address on various sites:D :D :D I have also read where some classifications have already been changed or updated ... this is somewhat good news to me, at least it shows a willingness for the state to take some action. Every change has to start somewhere, the only way to lose is by not trying
  11. if you classify all catfish even the channel cat, then you are going to eliminate the legitimate people that raise catfish on catfish farms for food consumption ... I feel that is a can of worms that is better left alone .... I don't know how far people want to pursue the situation. I don't think the channel cat is suffering near as much from the commercial fish for sale industry as the flathead ... Most channel cats that are bought are raised in farms, the rivers are far too polluted for them to be sold as food
  12. I'm a little bit miffed right now. The thread about how commercial fishing is depleting the flathead population has been removed. This does not make me happy.
  13. Moved to where and by whom
  14. What we need is someone who knows about this subject and will do some research so we don't go off 1/2 cocked and not 100% prepared.
    I'd say we need to go back at least 10 years and find out what the population was from then to now. We need to show a decline or at the least some harm is being done here and we need to show that commercial fishing and pay to fish lakes are the reason why or part of the reason...
    We need to provide the state with a reason to make the Flathead Catfish a gamefish.
    We need the latin name to ensure that everyone knows we're for real and we are making an attempt to make this look official...
    Any ideas shoot them here...
    I also have a way to suck websites dry for potential emails of those who may show us support and we could get an email campaign going ;)
    But 1st be prepared... I know nada about the Flathead Catfish myself...
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  15. Flathead Catfish ( Pylodictis olivaris) Good luck on trying to find populations or even the amount harvested ... I am having no luck in that area ... The only thing I have found so far is where they are listed as a commercial fish
  16. The Latin name for the flathead catfish is Pylodictis olivaris.

    "Pylodictis is Greek meaning "mud fish," and olivaris is Latin for "olive-colored." Flathead catfish are typically pale yellow (hence the name "yellow cat") to light brown on the back and sides, and highly mottled with black and/or brown. The belly is usually pale yellow or cream colored. The head is broadly flattened, with a projecting lower jaw. The tail fin is only slightly notched, not deeply forked as is the case with blue and channel catfish. Young fish may be very dark, almost black in appearance." (Texas Parks and Wildlife website)

    More good information about the flathead can be found at:
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  17. I dont think we are going to find harvest records for commercial netting, I wont even call it fishing because it is not....But all you have to do is pick up a free copy of Ohio Fisfinder from most tackle stores and see where these trophy fish are going..they have listings for dozens of paylakes which stock tons of trophy cats..And they get them from the netters..I think thefishfinder even has a website with this info......You know my home fishing waters are not effected by this yet..But once the Ohio river is depleted of these big cats they will go other places to find them.

    I think the original wording of the first post on this thread would go for a start, and maybe add a few things to put on the online petition?
  18. I just had a thought ... The Cincinnati boat and sportshow is in town for a few weeks .... Might be a good place to try an get a few signatures:D :D :D :D :D
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