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five Ohio flatheads @ 193 lbs

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Erie, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. Wow !!

    What a Kat Story !!! Awesome !! :D

  2. I too enjoyed reading this story. Usually when I see long stories I don't take the time to read them all the way through, but this one captivated me until the end. Nice story.
  3. That will be tough to beat. I've never caught 5 flatties, let alone in the same night. This year I will put up some numbers. New flattie hole to try and plenty of summer to try it in! Bluegill better watch out, I'm gonna need bait:cool:
  4. I have read that story before it is a good one
  5. are your serious?

    I know ive read that fish story on Robbys page, but i didnt realize til now that it says "biggest number caught on rod & reel in one night"......? Congrates Robby(Katfish)
    Is that total flathead avg. the record or TOTAL weight in one night??

    I say its the biggest number of lbs per number of fish/avg. size that is out of a LAKE, but i think others "total numbers and weights" for one night could beat that one for sure!;)

    I'll look in my fishin log for 99'-2000 and add the weights up for the night im thinking about , cause the night me and my partner Dave landed 17 flatheads between 15-31 lbs could beat that one as most flats avg. 22-25lbs??

    Hmmmm, learn something new everyday
  6. 4 @ 210 ~ here's a newer FH record I just surfed into

  7. Robby

    awesome catches for a night's fishing.would surely be hard to top for 4-5 fish,anywhere.:cool:
  8. Great Story

    Great fishing too.
    *LOL* Scott- I think it means the record for the most BIG fish. The weight of 193# with just FIVE (5) fish ;) I'm glad I cleared that up for you :) Of coarse if your 17 fish averaged 38.60 pounds each like their 5 did..... I'm certainly willing to concede those 17 fish are a record for the river where you caught them, but I'm certain I've heard of size & numbers greater than that(17 fish) in the Ohio River quite frequently. At least most of the river guides say so.

    That's one heck of a night of fishing Robby ! Must've felt like a dream. It's going to be tough to beat that in Ohio.
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  9. Makes me wonder just how big the flatties are........the ones that don't get caught..........what would it take to catch them?
  10. On my hands and knees

    "Master master!"
  11. Man!!!!!!

    I think katfish might be the real CATKING!!!:( But I will keep trying;) THE CATKING!!!
  12. You could be the CatDuke? Better than being the jester:p Gonna fish any T's this year CK?
  13. Tourneys-

    Hey Bottom- I plan on fishing at least 2 out at Tappan Lake's Cripple Creek Tourney. And the one that the Doctor (llange) is putting on this year on the Ohio River. I have fished in both, and these are alot of fun. Catduke? I don't think so:p katfish knows who the real KING is:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D :D THE CATKING!!!
  14. cats

    that is a dang good story , wish i had those kind of nites
  15. Catduke............that kind of has a pimp sound to it:confused: :D

    I've fished a couple of Corey's T's.............pretty cool, didn't make it to Doc's though. Hopefully this year my plans don't take a last second fart.:eek: :eek: :cool:
  16. How big?

    I am not sure how much longer those fish live naturally but I can tell you that I released them all. :D

    Flatheads are pure wild strain fish having never been hatched in hatheries in Ohio. This means the genetics are more wide spread than hatchery fish. This also means that size potential varies with each individual fish.

    I am remembering a fella weighing a 56 pound flat at Piedmont. Of course all thought it was a great fish. But several of the flathead guys were eating breakfast and I asked if anyone noticed how muscled and young the fish looked.

    Several of the guys looked up and Roy Hoops spoke out. What drew his interest in that fish was the realization that it was barely mature and that potential seemed possible for it to double its size if it survived to old age.

    Most big flatheads show there age and overall health and there seems to be little potential for size gain. We are all looking for that one indivdual flathead that is the biggest of the big.;)
  17. Hey Kat, I spoke with a guy that works at a hatchery. He said they had some flatheads in one of there ponds, but wouldn't tell me what they had them for........any ideas?
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