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Fishing Boats...

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Ðe§perado™, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. What kind of fishing boats do you guys have? I have a Lowe 16 ft. 70 inch wide Jon boat. The name of my boat is called " Mud Shark". It has a live well and had the factory put a floor in it to cover the ribs, even up on the sides. I'm now putting in rod holders, eight in all. I built a place in the front for my trolling motor. I use it to bowfish and take the kids or friends out fishing. ;)
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  2. ok so i`ll be the first to help this post. lol

    i have a 95' tracker 17` Deep-V plan on hitting a few outings this coming spring and hope to meet a few guys and make some new fishing buddies.


  3. forgot her name lol

    S.S. Lode

  4. I have a 10 foot kayak, hows that grab ya?

    I take it everywhere,

    I even had it on erie this summer out of huron to do some fishing

  5. i've got a 14' sea's got a 20h.p. johnson on the back and a minn kota power drive on the bow.i like that trolling motor because of the 18'cord on the foot control that lets me run it from the back when i need to.i put a hummingbird 400tx fishfinder with dual transducers on it and it does the job for me.
    i'm seriously looking at something in the 16 to 18 foot range this spring.i just want to be able to take my family out with me.
  6. 14' Alumacraft, 9.9 Nissan 4 Stroke.


    Just got it this last summer, had a canoe before that. I was getting older and the canoe was getting tippier, so I had to make a change.
  7. How about some names for these fine vessels.

    Neapolis- thats a good lookin boat.

  8. I have a 95' Ranger R72 Sport with a 115 merc, new to me this last July. What a birthday gift:D
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  9. Nice boats guys!!

    I do have a 9.9 Nissan on mine too.
  10. I've got a float tube. I use to have a 16 starcraft'I/O something or another. I bought it with my cousin, and then had twins and more bills than I thought I'd have. With the little fishing time I had I decided to sell my half to him. Some day there will be another. Momma said my next boat will have to be a pontoon, for the family, since I mainly catfish and fish lakes I think I can live with that.

  11. I just acquired a Fourwinns 245 vista.24 feet of fun in the sun.
    We got it rigged for some heavy trolling on the big lake for eyes and steel.Strip off the fishing gear and it's time to cruise.
  12. Im looking to get one this spring! I can hardly wait! I love my crappie fishing but most of the honey holes are hidden deep in the channels! Glenn
  13. 18' Starcraft

    Center console, 70 HP
  14. I can't have a boat. (Can't back up a trailer.) :(
  15. Just need to practice. Best time is now, since no one is out at the docks.
  16. Good time huh. If nobody is there. who is going to pull me out?? (LOL)


  17. LOL!!! :D

    Good one.
  18. I saw Bubbas last post before it was pulled off! lol Glenn
  19. Starcraft 18' fishing machine. Hope to have it up on Erie in the spring and the river in the summer.