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I've seen my share of coyotes on the opening day and considered just hunting them and go after the turkeys on another day. However, I stayed with the turkey hunting and it paid off...BIG TIME. :cool:

I put out a jake and a strutting tom decoy (don't have a hen, yet) and sat down in a log jam, near a creek. The decoys were about 25 yards away, in a 4 wheeler path. I gave a few hen yelps (diaphram call), about 20 minutes after first light, but had no response.

Another 20 minutes passed and 2 deer came within 60 yards of the decoys, but didn't care for them and went in a southern direction. About 10 minutes afer the deer left, a lone tom went by at about 45 yards, that was traveling north. I gave a few short hen yelps, he looked my way, but kept on walking north.

I waited about 30 minutes and considered picking up the decoys and relocating. I looked behind me, thought I spotted something and looked back in front of me...straight into a tom turkey at 25 yards. Then another one and another one...3 toms with decent beards. Now, all I had to do was get my shotgun up to my shoulder without getting spotted.

The 3 toms were headed straight toward the decoys and seemed to be mad about their presence, as they were huffing and puffing, but otherwise made no sounds. As they passed by me, at 12 yards, I slowly raised the barrel and one of them spotted a movement. They all froze right in front of me...I aimed at the center tom's head and squeezed the trigger. BAM! At the shot, the other two toms were airborne and my first tom was on the ground.

I had him weighed at the taxidermist... 22 lbs. with an 11" beard and 3/4" spurs. I must confess...I'm hooked and will be going every year. I want to get the next one with a bow. :)

Where he fell:

The feathers:

The fan:

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