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First Squirrel

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by tingjid, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Hey all, just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum, I've learned a lot lurking on here. This year is my first year hunting (and I'm 29, I know, I'm a total slacker), bought a shotgun (Mossberg 500) with my tax return earlier in the year. Tried a little spring turkey hunting but with no luck, but I love being out in the woods.

    Yesterday I decided to take a half day from work, needed a mental health day, between 3 jobs, 2 kids and a wife, I've been stressed out lately. So I spent the morning in the woods, which was great, exactly what I needed (until my son called me at 10:30 asking if he should have left for school by now, when I had called him at 8:30 and told him to leave for school, that kind of killed the peace and quiet, kids are fun).

    I spent the first two hours just walking around, checking the area out and seeing what there was to see, never saw a squirrel, but covered a lot of ground. Then I headed deeper into the woods and found a spot to chill out and spend some quiet time, then they started coming out. I only got the one little red squirrel before my son called but it's my first and it was great.

    I cleaned it with the technique I read on this forum (though to any other newbies, when cleaning it, put it on a paper towel or something, I did it on a fallen tree and bark REALLY sticks to the carcass and is a total pain to get off), which worked wonderfully, let it soak for a few hours in a cooler with some ice while I went to work, then marinated it in the fridge for a few hours in Italian dressing, pan fried it and oh damn it was tasty. Not a lot of meat and those ribs really get in the way, but the quality of the meat was a lot higher than I was expecting, going to be doing that again, hopefully with more than one.

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  2. Awesome! Congrats brother.. .welcome to the addiction!

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  3. I remember my first squirrel, first deer, first rabbit, first groundhog, first of many animals and last week I shot my first teal. It never get old expanding your horizons and once you start you cant stop. Welcome to the addiction and congrats. we've all been there and wouldn't trade the feeling for anything.
  4. Welcome to the addiction bud. Im 34 and started hunting with my dad at about 5 years old and still learn alot from this forum. Theres alot of info on here. Congrats on your first squirrel they are tasty. Lol. I no what you mean on the kids i got 3 girls (8,5,3) i cant leave the house without them.
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  5. Congrats and welcome to the forum :thumbs_up:
  6. Attaboy! Congrats on #1. They are tasty.
  7. nice job on first squirel i hope to get my first one tomarrow had one in sight last fri as i went to sqeeze the trigger he moved to another branch and i lost him after that so once again congrats
  8. if you every need recipes for any game let me now can help ya out....dont wanna pan fry fox or grey squirrel will dry em out...but congrats and welcome to the addiction of hunting....peace and quiet, a place to think and clear your mind, and FUN!!
  9. And make them a tad tough.

    If you have good recipes and dont mind sharing, put them in the recipe forum. I love seeing how guys do their stuff!

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  10. X2!!!! Im always looking for new ways to cook game

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  11. Moist and slow cooking are the keys to tenderness for meats that you suspect will be tough, like old squirrels. The taper of their tails can be used to determine their age somewhat: young squirrels have a tapered point; old, uniform width throughout

    I brown and then simmer quartered squirrels in liquid (french onion or mushroom soups are always good.) Usually, the meat is about ready to fall of the bones. And the drippings makes a great gravy to put over potatoes or biscuits.

    I'm serving some of last year's squirrels this coming Saturday for lunch after I talk a couple hunting buddies into setting up a half dozen ground blinds for this deer season.
  12. Congrats on the first squirrel! And great story and pics to go along! I love that!

    I slow cook almost all my squirrels. I usually put 6 at a time into the crockpot and then bag the cooked meat into 2 cup portions and freeze that to make casseroles and chili recipes during the week.

    You can read about my slow cooker method in my blog post "How to eat a squirrel". This tells of how I discovered that I could make even the toughest old squirrel into something tender and edible.

    But those pictures of the pan fried squirrel look so delicious. I might just have to save a couple youngin's this season and do that. :)
  13. Great job and congrats!

  14. Thanks for the link to the article on cooking it, I'll have to try it. The meat didn't dry out at all, I did it the same way I do chicken on the grill, I use the bag of italian dressing I marinated it in and every time I turn the meat I throw on some more italian dressing from the bag, keeps it moist as long as I don't over cook it. Turned out great, smelled great too, but I like the way you get rid of the bones, I need to find some bigger squirrels :)
  15. Man that is great. Congrats on your 1st squirrel. And congrats on your 1st step back to childhood. lol. Nothing keeps you young like the addiction. here is no other adult activity that makes its enthusiasts as giddy as people who pursue game. Again, congrats!
  16. Congrats on the first. Welcome to the site.
  17. Congrats man, I'm hoping to go out on Sunday. I'll keep you posted on my Hunting.

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